Drift Hunters MAX – Press Release

Press Release

Date: April 2nd 2022

Download high resolution images of Drift Hunters MAX here

Drifted.com releases ‘ultimate’ free online browser game for international drifting fans

Drifted.com, the worldwide online drifting platform and community, announces the launch of Drift Hunters MAX with its list of new features, cars, tracks, and visual improvements, resulting in the ultimate, free, online drifting game. The new release is announced to the press as the USA championship, Formula Drift, takes place in Long Beach, California.

Responding to fans’ requests for updates on the original Drift Hunters game, the Drifted.com team developed a new version from scratch. By opting for this approach the team has been able to utilise the very best that the Unity game engine has to offer, unleashing many exciting new possibilities for players.

Drift Hunters MAX features:

  • Improvements on players’ ability to save their progress in the game. Integration into Drifted.com’s new account functionality allows users to save their progress to the Cloud, and log in and resume their play regardless of location. This is ideal for people on the go or commuting.
  • Improved graphics which take Drift Hunters MAX visuals to the next level.
  • Improved physics which provides the most realistic browser drifting experience to date.
  • Based on fans’ feedback, Drifted.com has added 12 new, exclusive cars to the game: a mind-blowing 37 cars stored in your garage, with an enhanced tuning menu which tells gamers the score multiplier, power, weight, and speed with each upgrade. Among the most popular requests were some of the most impressive modern drift chassis, such as the Toyota GR Supra and the BMW E92 M3.
  • The inclusion of exclusive tracks in the original game had earned a cult following; in Drift Hunters MAX players can race on 12 exciting tracks including an incredible touge track alongside a parking lot, which enables players to refine their wall-scraping abilities. The tracks’ appearances are now more visually impressive.

Drift Hunters MAX was recently launched on YouTube on 4 February 2022 by rising drifting star, Max Cotton, who has competed at the highest levels of professional drifting in the UK and Europe at just 15 years old. Max is also a huge fan of the original game.

Whilst road-testing the game, Max commented: “I’m just going to be here at like 7 o’clock tomorrow morning still playing this game…I might just quit professional drifting and play Drift Hunters MAX the whole time!”

Founder and CEO of Drifted.com, Joseph Terrell, says: “The original Drift Hunters game was hugely popular among drifting fans thanks to its realistic physics and similarities to real-world drifting. However, despite its popularity, Drift Hunters didn’t receive updates for several years. But we noticed how loyal and passionate the fans are and so we took the decision in 2021 to reimagine the game so they have a much-enhanced gaming experience.

“Listening to fans’ requests for improvements, as a surprise, we also delivered the first-ever competition car to the series – Max Cotton’s pro-spec Nissan Silvia PS13. The response has been incredible – so far we have 20,000 active Drift Hunters MAX accounts, created by gamers in the USA, UK and Australia.

“We genuinely believe that any automotive enthusiast will be able to enjoy what Drift
Hunters MAX has to offer. Already very popular among young people, the game is free, quick and convenient to play wherever you are.”

Drifted.com continually listens to the fans’ feedback and intends to launch new updates to the game as frequently as possible.

Drift Hunters MAX is totally free to play here: Drift Hunters MAX.


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Drifted.com is a website that was founded in 2009 to spotlight the growing global culture of drifting.

Today in 2022, Drifted.com is an established brand in the industry, with the website attracting over half a million users per month and the social media channels boasting over 350k followers.

Drifted.com’s lean team punches well above its weight, creating and publishing their own drifting games, technical content and comprehensive gaming guides which reach a global audience.

Drifted.com is already established as the go-to brand for online drifting games but they have bigger ambitions to expand into all genres of online gaming, while continuing to deliver fun and engaging experiences for their fans.

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