All Forza Horizon 5 Widebody Cars & Kits

From RWB to Rocket Bunny, we’re checking out the ultimate widebody cars that Forza Horizon 5 has to offer.

forza horizon 5 widebody cars

Taken from the real world, changing parts of any vehicle helps it in different ways.

Most of the time, we need to exchange some elements of the car that begin to fail or appear entirely broken. Therefore, getting a replacement is essential if we want to continue optimally using our “wheels.”

Nowadays, thanks to “underground” (or illegal) racing, we see unique ways to change some parts of your car.

For example, you could change parts of the engine and help it reach more speed as you travel through the street.

Above all, even if modifying vehicles this way isn’t necessary, having a unique sportscar with better performance feels excellent.

Depending on the manufacturer, year, or state, these upgrades could be expensive. One of the over-the-top ways to modify any vehicle is by adding a “Widebody” kit.

This article will help you understand this type of enhancement and how it works in Forza Horizon 5.

Customizing a Vehicle

Everything inside your car has the potential to change into something unique and better.

When you set a goal on how you want to improve your ride, every piece fits together. Above all, many mechanics could take the challenge and add customized parts to any vehicle.

One of the most common ways to improve a car is by changing the engine. With these critical elements, you could improve the speed of acceleration of any sportscar. You might see these parts in different video games with the codename “turbo.”

They could appear virtually expensive, but they take your car to the next level (or category).

The following improvement that is most necessary is the brakes. As you increase the traveling velocity (with the engine), you need other elements that help you take control of the new enhancements. Most brakes will help you reduce speed and help you stabilize your vehicle.

Another way to maintain control on the road is by changing to proper wheels. Now that many racing video games add more variety to the tracks, we tend to see different terrain as we try to reach first place.

For example, you’ll need Offroad tires if you want to explore the entire New Mexico region.

Thanks to modern science, we now have the option to change the weight or height of many vehicles.

When you give the option to add durable but lightweight parts, anyone will take them.

Additionally, keeping the car closest to the ground will help you gain better control between turns.

Lastly, we cannot leave behind the many cosmetic parts which help give that special touch to any car.

With some neon light from here and there, you’ll light the entire night as you move quickly between streets.

Upgrading the Attributes

Although you can feel the difference in a real car with many modifications installed, things turn different in racing video games.

Inside the virtual world, everything works with constant numbers. Therefore, when you buy a new Porsche, the endurance will remain the same over time.

Indeed, no matter how much you keep using that virtual Porsche, the parts will never deteriorate or fall apart.

Moreover, you can even pass through a severe crash and have it like new at the next racing event.

Following this principle, when you change any imaginary parts of the Porsche, you only modify some numbers.

After you invest some of that virtual in-game currency for upgrades, you’ll see that it reaches a higher speed, and you can quickly move around corners.

Many racing video games get a “threshold” or a limit of how much you can increase the attributes.

As a result, you will see more variety as you play different tracks.

Discover the best vehicle options with the Fastest Drag Car in Forza Horizon 5 article.

Meaningful Changes to Your Car

nissan fairlady forza horizon 5 widebody cars

With recent improvements to the racing genre, many developers have great ideas for modifying any vehicle inside their video game.

Hence, we get to see upgrade parts you’ll need to install before participating in a special event.

Inside Forza Horizon 4, we got the opportunity to experience this type of gameplay mechanic when you travel in the Winter season.

When all the roads (even the pavement) are now with ice, you could quickly lose control when you press the brake button. You must install “snow tires” on your vehicle to prevent mishappenings.

Now in New Mexico and with the “Offroad” attribute, you’ll need the right tires to try an off-road racing event with any vehicle.

If you ignore this precaution, you’ll lose control when running in the dirt.

To learn more about off-road vehicles, you should also check the Best Rally Car in Forza Horizon 5.

Stock vs. Fully Upgraded Vehicle

Many members of the racing community tend to go by their rules and play differently. Therefore, we see some players focusing on unlocking all the vehicles without taking some time to see how to improve them.

Thankfully, as you move through any racing video game (like Forza Horizon 5), you have many ways to acquire vehicles with higher stock attribute points.

But once you feel it’s more challenging to reach the first place, you might need to revisit the Autoshow.

On the other hand, some players stick to their favorite manufacturer or model and try to upgrade the vehicle through multiple classes and keep it relevant.

Therefore, they might spend a lot of CR to add more parts and increase the stats as much as possible.

No matter the strategy you always/want to take, the important part is to have fun. Therefore, keep reaching the podium as you see fit.

Usual Ways to Enhance Your Garage

Now that you know more about the difference between brand-new and modified vehicles, let’s discuss proper strategies.

Many players tend to change between cars as they find completing the different activities in a racing video game easier.

In Forza Horizon 5, you have multiple ways to pass the time with your car collection.

Still, some activities seem to outshine the rest. Hence, we give you some recommendations on how to set up your garage correctly.

First, you’ll probably see yourself “Drifting” around the map more than often.

Inside FH5, getting a significant drift will help you reach outstanding combo scores and help you win races with hard turns. As a result, get a vehicle with a higher score in handling and boost the number as high as possible.

Speaking about drift, you could also get ahead with the Best Drift Car in Forza Horizon 5.

Secondly, winning tons of street races requires a car with good Acceleration and Speed. Therefore, try to unlock a car with decent high speeds and upgrade it for better performance.

As you learn how to maneuver between corners, try to use the “rewind” feature and see the difference of each turn as you approach with more/less speed.

Last but not least, with the nature of the New Mexico region, we now see Off-road events more often.

As you might already know, even the tires can make things much easier as you move through hills and rivers.

Moreover, getting a good Rally car with powerful upgrades will help you in the long run.

Widebody Kits in FH5

Let’s discuss the Widebody kits in this racing video game.

Overall, this is a significant upgrade that makes permanent enhancements to the complete chassis of the vehicle.

Therefore, adding this element will show additional details around the car.

Like any other enhanced part in Forza Horizon 5, it costs CR to install this.

Before you make the purchase, you’ll see how the numbers change and what attributes become affected. For example, you might see green (improvements) or red (decrease) numbers on the Weight stat.

widebody kit changes forza horizon 5 widebody cars

In other words, installing the Widebody Kits isn’t only a cosmetic change. Depending on the car, this upgrade will change how it moves when you’re in a racing event.

Available Body Kits In Forza Horizon 5

At the time of writing, you can find all these Widebody Kits in Forza Horizon 5. Not all of the vehicles come with this exchange. Therefore, if you’re a fan of this modification, you might want to check availability before getting a new car.

  • Duke Dynamics
  • Forza Designed
  • ADRO
  • Factory Fender Flares
  • Forza Off-road
  • Liberty Walk
  • APR Performance
  • KRC Japan
  • HKS
  • Chargespeed
  • Pickup Desing
  • RWB
  • Lynk & Co TCR
  • Streethunters
  • TCP Magic
  • Varis
  • Streetfighters LA
  • Rocket Bunny

Forza Horizon 5 Widebody Cars

Here you have some examples that have this upgrade from the start. With each update, the entire list might grow even more.

As a result, always watch for future additions to the Widebody VIP.

  • Porsche 911 GT2 RS ’18 (Duke Dynamics)
  • Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro ’13 (Liberty Walk)
  • Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMG ’13 (Forza Off-Road)
  • Dodge Challenger Hellcat ’15 (Liberty Walk)
  • Mini John Cooper Works ’09 (Liberty Walk)
  • Renault 4L Export ’68 (Factory Fender Flares)
  • Cadillac ATS-V ’16 (Forza Designed)
  • Lamborghini Murcielago SV ’10 (Liberty Walk)
  • Toyota Celica GT ’74 (Factory Fender Flares)
  • Land Rover Range Rover Classic ’70 (Forza Off-Road)
  • Jaguar F-Type R-Coupe ’15 (Forza Designed)
  • Nissan Fairlady Z 240 ’69 (Factory Fender Flares)
  • Honda Civic RS ’74 (Factory Fender Flares)
  • Dodge Durango SRT ’18 (Forza Off-Road)
  • Toyota Supra GT 2.0 Twin Turbo ’92 (Factory Fender Flares)
  • BMW M3 ’05 (Rocket Bunny)

toyota supra forza horizon 5 widebody cars

Pros of Using the Widebody Kits

nissan fairlady forza horizon 5 widebody cars

Undoubtedly, all the cars that have this upgrade look so much better. You’ll see tons of new details around every part of the chassis and a few add-ons. Overall an excellent aesthetic change.

In terms of performance, you’ll see significant changes with the Widebody Kit on your vehicle.

With a broader car, you’ll soon discover it has more control over the street. Furthermore, you’ll dominate the road and throw your opponents out of the event.

If you think upgrading your garage is the best option, you might want to check the Forza Horizon 5 Drift Tune.

Cons of Using the Widebody Kits

Having a heavier vehicle could make things complicated for some players.

Depending on the model, you might feel an impact on the speed or acceleration. Furthermore, it reduces the maneuver capabilities as you try to outsmart your opponent.

Sometimes corners can become tricky, and you could get stuck on random walls or between obstacles.

Even though it’s tedious at first, you will find ways to reduce the downsides of the Widebody kits.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a clear idea of how everything changes with each upgrade (especially with the Widebody kit), you can spend extra CR on your favorite vehicle(s). Furthermore, all of these changes might give you more options to customize the looks of your cars and make them look better.

With each update on this racing video game, we can also get more ways to modify other options and change the META of any class.

In other words, when Playground Games keeps adding this type of content, we also see new vehicles in all the racing events.

Remember to enhance your garage and have a car ready for any occasion.

Good luck out there!

Forza Horizon 5 Widebody Cars FAQ

Here are some common questions regarding the widebody cars in Forza Horizon 5.

What Cars Get Widebody Improvement in Forza Horizon 5?

At the moment, you have a total of 80 cars available for the upgrade. Check the Internet for the complete list and if there are new elements on the Carlist.

Are There Hidden Cars in Forza Horizon 5?

No, you can see the entire Carlist in the collection tab. However, some vehicles are only available through the Seasonal events inside the racing video game.

What Does the Widebody Change in a Car in Forza Horizon 5?

The upgrade improves the vehicle’s looks and changes its weight and handling. Hence, check the difference as you master hard turns with your modified car.

Can You Make Custom Widebody Kits in Forza Horizon 5?

Sadly no, only the developer team at Playground Games has the right to change the cars’ kits in the racing video game. If you want this upgrade on your favorite vehicle, you should send them a request through an e-mail.

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