Ultimate Drift Hunters Tuning Guide

Do you enjoy drifting around in Drift Hunters and want to take that experience to the next level? We’ve got you covered! In this ultimate drift hunters tuning guide, we’ll teach you how to set up the ultimate ride.

drift hunters tuning guide


One of the most exciting aspects of the free-to-play Drift Hunters game is the car tuning prospects.

Not only are you able to unlock your dream JDM drift cars, but you can then tune and customize each vehicle to suit your driving style.

One of the best things about Drift Hunters compared to other tuning games is the simplicity of getting your ride to look how you wish, without being too complicated, no matter whether you are on IOS or Android.

We’ve tried everything, from real-world tuning setups and different handling schemes to the most ridiculous designs imaginable, to bring you this ultimate Drift Hunters tuning guide.

Here’s an amusing example of how NOT to execute your drift car stance!

positive camber

So, let’s show you how it should be done.

Drift Hunters MAX

Before you begin tuning, we wanted to inform you that there’s a new update to the original Drift Hunters game published by Ilya Kaminetsky – Drift Hunters MAX.

After listening to the feedback from Drift Hunters fans for several years, we decided to team up with the creator of the classic game to bring you this brand-new Drifted.com exclusive.

Drift Hunters MAX provides a next-generation experience to the original game with more cars, beautiful maps, and features than ever before.

With the largest selection of awesome drift cars, best track layouts, features, and the ultimate detailed car graphics and realistic drifting physics to date, we highly recommend checking out what the new version has to offer.

One of our favorite new features is the cloud save feature, which enables you to pick up your saved progress from the cloud, whether you’re at home, school, or work.

So, why not give Drift Hunters MAX a try, and let us know what you think?

If you love the game, make sure you share it with your friends, and upload your most exciting clips to your social media platforms so that everyone can enjoy what the ultimate free online game-shaped slice of drift culture has to offer.

If you’re not interested at the moment, then continue reading, as we’ll now explain everything you need to know about Drift Hunters tuning.

Drift Hunters Tuning

Whether you’re looking to slam your car with perfect drift fitment, or go for a crazy oni-kyan (demon camber) style setup, we’ve got you covered.

Basic Upgrades

To get started, we recommend heading to “PARTS” from the main menu and then upgrading the “ENGINE” and “TURBO” to “RACING” with the FREE 25000 in-game credits.

If you’ve already splashed your cash on another car, it may be worth heading to the track to earn some money to carry out these upgrades first, especially the turbo.

Don’t panic if not, as you can always upgrade these later on.

Tuning Your Car

Head back to the main menu, and select “TUNING.”

We recommended upgrading the turbo because this will allow you to adjust all of the options within the tuning menu.

tuning menu

Drift Hunters Tuning #1 – Turbo

Firstly, we can see that the “TURBO” option in the tuning menu allows us to customize the turbo pressure (assuming you upgraded the turbo.)

We keep this to the max, as we like ALL OF THE POWER no matter whether we’re driving a Toyota Supra or a Mark VI Ford Fiesta ST, but if you’re getting started, you may find that lowering the turbo boost (pressure) will make the car more predictable.

Drift Hunters Tuning #2 – Front Camber

The front camber changes the angle of your front wheels.

When it comes to drifting, negative camber is more desirable on the front, which will provide maximum ground contact when steering into sharp turns at your favourite drift locations in the game.


While this is mostly a personal preference, we typically run around -5 to -6 degrees of negative camber in Drift Hunters for the best combination of style and function.

Drift Hunters Tuning #3 – Rear camber

As you’ve hopefully guessed, too much positive camber isn’t going to be great in the rear, either!

rear camber

Traction is everything when it comes to the true drifting experience, so try not to go too crazy with your rear camber, opting for around -1 to -2 degrees to get the optimal grip for the maximum drift.

Drift Hunters Tuning #4 – Front offset

Stance and fitment can transform a drift car from looking insanely cool to being the butt of the jokes at the track.

front offset

As you may have guessed, both these extremes at the opposite ends of the scale are a little too much, and we feel that a front offset of around 3 cm is typically the sweet spot, although it varies from car to car.

Getting the top of your tire flush with the fender without needing to change rims is the goal for the ultimate fitment.

Drift Hunters Tuning #5 – Rear offset

While a wide track offers superior traction, going too far with the rear offset will once again make the car look ridiculous.

rear offset

Much like the front, go as wide as you can to get the tire sitting flush with the fender. But don’t be afraid to go a little beyond (or even Kyle Mohan style) if that suits your tastes better.

Drift Hunters Tuning #6 – Brake balance

We’ve found that brake balance comes down to personal preference, and we feel it’s best left alone.

However, if you feel as though the car isn’t handling quite how you’d like when you hit the brakes either on straight roads or in corners mid-drift, adjusting this will allow you to control the front/rear ratio of the brake pressure.

Drift Hunters Tuning #7 – Front height

As you probably guessed, this changes the ride height of your vehicle – without having to spend hours tweaking your coilovers!

front height

We’ve shown the extremes of the front ride height here, and this varies between different cars.

At this point, if you’ve used excessive camber, then your wheels may begin poking through the fenders, but if you’ve gone for a sensible setup, then the sweet spot is usually around -4 to -5 cm.

Drift Hunters Tuning #8 – Rear height

Let’s face it, few things in life are more satisfying than a drift car with well-executed fitment!

rear height

When adjusting your rear height, it’s the final piece of the puzzle for perfecting your ideal drifting setup.

While a slammed look at -8 cm provides a sweet-looking stance, increasing the height to around -5 cm will allow a little more flex in the suspension while still looking fantastic.

Drift Hunters Tuning #9 – Brake pressure

Since we can’t provide subtle braking in Drift Hunters, with the brake key being an “all or nothing” approach, some players prefer to lower the brake pressure.

As you may have guessed, this falls to personal preference, so we highly recommend tweaking both this and the brake balance mentioned above to see which one works best for you.

Further Drift Hunters Tuning Upgrades

Now that you’ve got your tuning setup refined, it’s time to head to the track and begin pulling off the most impressive combos imaginable.

Once you’ve earned enough credits, you’ll be able to purchase all of your dream rides and fill your garage.

Don’t forget that once you’ve found your favorite drift car in the game, you can unlock all of the “PRO” drift upgrades for the ultimate weapon!

With 26 fully customizable, awesome cars and 10 nice tracks for drifting, as well as a vast array of upgrades, Drift Hunters is sure to provide plenty of free-to-enjoy uninterrupted drift entertainment.

Looking for the next challenge after Drift Hunters? Try our Drift Hunters alternatives.

So, there we have it! We hope that we’ve covered everything you could want to know about Drift Hunters tuning in this guide.

Thank you for reading our Drift Hunters tuning guide.

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