NEWS: Spring Matsuri 2017 Is Here!

The first UK event of the 2017 drifting calendar is coming this weekend at the excellent Rockingham Speedway in Corby.

This event looks set to be a fantastic kick off, packed with entertainment, all day drifting, round one of the Drift Cup and even RC drift cars. Checkout the flier and official text and we will see you there!

spring matsuri flier


“If you wondered what was going on at what time, look no further!
Drifting ALL DAY on Saturday and Sunday!
Mark Webb and his crew doing his thing!
RC drifting in garages 25/26/27. The outer Paddock track will be rebuilt in 1/10 scale!
The evening entertainment with the Team Triple Drift competition!
THE PARTY! In the welcome centre till LATE!
HEL Performance Driftcup taking place in the outer paddock on Sunday!
Its going to be A MAZE IN!
Don’t forget to grab your discounted tickets from the website before Thursday at Midnight!”

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