Mad Mike Wins Formula Drift at Ebisu, Japan

19th June, 2017 in Drifting Videos

Mad Mike takes his twin turbo, quad rotor “HUMBUL” to compete at Formula Drift Ebisu, Japan and takes home the win.

We have been focusing a lot of coverage on Mad Mike over the past week because he is a real star and deserves the love. We are busy writing a full Mad Mike feature and that is on it’s way.

Mad Mike at Formula Drift Ebisu

Hit play on the video and crank up the sound.

Mad Mike’s Humbul

For now let’s take a look at his win while competing at Formula Drift Japan. Mad Mike’s TCP Magic of Japan built Mazda RX7 FD3S “Humbul” features a quad rotor power-plant which is supplemented by two turbo chargers.

The car moves away from Mad Mike’s normal urban camo type of paint scheme and instead looks distinctly stealth fighter. Very cool indeed.

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