DRIFTING VIDEO: DRIFT OMIAI / Boy vs Girl- V8 Drifting Ebisu Circuit Japan

14th August, 2016 in Drifting Videos

Team DMNZ (Drift Motorsport NZ – NZ Drift School) have released a brand new video of their trip to Japan focusing on the Ebisu circuit Minami “Jump course” in a Boy vs Girl scenario. We love it! It’s a great video from an unconventional couple and it’s well worth your time to watch.

Drew Donovan (Doni_D) and Jodie Verhulst (MsDrif) are international drivers based in New Zealand. Unique in their relationship both on the track as “Team DMNZ” and off the track as a couple. They compete against each other in the Pro Level Drifting circuits around the globe.

During their stay in Ebisu, Japan they managed to shot a short film focusing on the Minami “Jump Course”, This is a great display of what they are capable of behind the wheel and have a hell of a lot of fun doing so!

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