NEWS: Introducing the Virtual Drift Championship!

Joe Terrell
02/13/201713th February, 2017
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We are proud to announce that Drifted is supporting the Virtual Drift Championship as official media partner.

nissan skyline in asseto corsa

From VDC: “These days’ online drift competitions are becoming rarer and rarer, and with the with the increasing need of drivers wanting to display their skills and prove that they are the better driver, competition is needed, but how can drivers prove their skill when there isn’t any competitive platform for them?”

nissan silvia s15 in asseto corsa

“To solve that question, a brand new competition has been created, the competition itself is called ‘Virtual Drift Championship‘ or VDC.”

“As the name suggests, VDC is a competition for drifters, but unlike normal competition, VDC plans to change things by creating separate leagues for drivers with similar skill levels to help promote competitiveness as well as growth in both driver’s abilities and hopefully online drifting as a whole.”

nissan silvia drifting in asseto corsa

“The tracks for the event will all be created by the VDC, which will not only feature well known tracks seen in Formula D, but also many other well-known and potentially some unknown international circuits. All the events will be live streamed as well as videos detailing highlights of the event so if you’re a streamer, editor, content creator or have any other useful skills such as casting and would like to help out, please let us know.”

nissan silvia by drifted

“The event highlights, team pictures, promotional skins and any other media will be published by Drifted. We at VDC would love to thank Drifted for helping promote our name out there while we simultaneously push more people to check out their amazing content.”

driftworks silvia

Learn more about the VDC at their website.

We are very excited at what the VDC is bringing to the table and we will be covering events, the growing community and letting you all know how you can get involved in the VDC. Stay tuned to Drifted.

author avatar Written by Joe Terrell founder, motoring journalist and all-round car enthusiast. Read more about Joe and the Drifted team on our about us page.

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