NEWS: New ‘Muscle’ Series Coming to Japan

Posted by Jordan Butters on 6th March, 2011 in Jordan Butters.

You may remember a few months ago we reported on the departure of Keiichi Tsuchiya and Daijiro Inada from the D1 Corporation in Japan, fueling rumors that there was to be the birth of a new series in drifting’s motherland.

After month of the rumor-mill grinding furiously there looks to be some confirmation of the new series and the good news is it starts this year! It looks set to be aimed at a similar audience as D1SL, with no big-power ‘works’ cars and classes chosen by driver skill as opposed to car level. The course line up looks great too!

Round 1: 8th May, Nihonkai Maze Circuit
Round 2: 6th June, Bihoku Highland CIrcuit
Round 3: 17th July, Nikko Circuit
Round 4: 10th October, Suzuka Twin Circuit
Round 5: 3rd November, Sportsland Sugo West Course

However we are a bit dubious about the name, the new series is to be called “The Drift Muscle Series”. Maybe it’s a grower?

Source: Nori Yaro

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