Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 – Day One

17th January, 2018 in Drifting Videos

Join us as the curtains are officially lifted on the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Automotive YouTuber YourCarBro, was on hand with his camera at day one of the Tokyo Auto Salon. Hit play and join the action.

YourCarBro: “Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 (Day 1) Welcome to Tokyo Auto Salon 2018!!! I had an absolute blast this year. There was soooo much to see that I decided to break it up in to two videos again. I hope you all enjoy some of the awesome cars. Be on the lookout for Tokyo Auto Salon Day 2 video coming soon. Thanks for watching!”

Want to see Tokyo Auto Salon before the crowds? Try our behind-the-scenes walkthrough.

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