AlphaRex Headlights – Our Top Picks

Looking to add a more aggressive look or a modern touch to your ride? AlphaRex headlights have some of the best options out there. We check out our favorites.

alpharex headlights


Aftermarket headlights or lighting products are probably one of the most common modifications that people make when they purchase a new car or truck.

Since the factory headlights with a chrome housing are often rather dull compared to the AlphaRex design that comes with black paint. Whether it is matte black or has a gloss finish, providing a luxurious, subtle aftermarket approach.

And what is most important about these headlights is that they come with an installation guide. Aplharex headlights are plug-and-play.

They also meet the American LHD regulation, which means they meet the DOT compliance and don’t void the factory warranty. Thankfully, they’re a direct replacement for the factory OEM headlights.

We can honestly say that these headlights are probably one of the best choices when purchasing an aftermarket headlight for your car or truck.

But who are AlphaRex? In the following chapter, let’s learn more about them and see what they are and where they come from.

If you’re not interested in the company, feel free to skip this section to check out the best products they have to offer.

What Are AlphaRex Headlights?

Before we dive into the AlphaRex headlights that are offered on the market, let’s first take a look at what are AlphaRex headlights in general and learn more about this company.

AlphaRex is a relatively new brand from the automotive aftermarket industry that specializes in building superior automotive aftermarket performance lighting based in California, US.

AlphaRex focuses on the philosophy of innovative technology, and their headlights are pretty revolutionary and implement stylish designs that stand out from the crowd against generic OEM or cheaper aftermarket alternatives.

Also, their headlights are good bang for the buck. They are not crazy expensive for what you’d get, especially compared to purchasing a new OEM replacement.

All of their headlights are SAE/DOT compliant and meet the ISO-9000, ISO-9001, and ISO-9002 regulations.

Also, they are direct replacements for the factory headlights, built from tough polycarbonate plastic, and can handle extreme weather conditions. These headlights are less prone to oxidizing and yellowing than other cheaper alternatives.

In addition, they use very quality projectors, and the light output is pretty good. On top of that, they look spectacular and have an extremely sporty look.

When it comes to colors, they often come with jet-black housings with a glossy finish or a stealth-looking matte black.

It’s these designs that help differentiate them from the competition.

Alongside an aftermarket black front grill, these headlights would complete the look like no other headlight out there.

Best-Selling AlphaRex Headlights

In this guide, we’re primarily focusing on truck headlights, given that they’re the main focus of AlphaRex and their headlight builds, but we’ve also managed to sneak in some drifter-friendly specials.

1. AlphaRex 08-13 Infiniti G37 Nova LED Projector Row Headlights

Now let’s cover the first headlight design on our list of AlphaRex headlights. And instead of going for a truck design. Let’s start it with JDM headlights. I bet that there are a lot of Infiniti G37 owners out there.

Luckily for you, AlphaRex has you covered.

The most popular is their Nova-Series projector headlights with a horizontal nova projector row. These headlights look spectacular, in our opinion.

They implement stylish designs and the ice-cube projector lens system. They also include the Osram Oslon black flat LED chip for the projector.

The headlights come with the signature activation light feature from AlphaRex with the sequential light show and implement a cut-off line to meet the American LHD regulations.

The AlphaRex headlights come in a few different color options such as matte black, shiny midnight, and also a chrome housing that enhances the stock look if you are more into keeping the OEM look for your G37.

Given the price tag, these headlights will be more appealing to the stancers/lifestylers out there rather than the budget drift cars.

Still, if you’re looking for the ultimate headlights for your G37 to show off at the meet, they’re undoubtedly worth considering.

2. AlphaRex 05-11 Toyota Tacoma PRO-Series Projector Headlights

Moving on to the second type on our list of AlphaRex headlights. And this is the headlight solution for the Toyota Tacoma produced between 2005 and 2011. This is the second generation of the Tacoma.

And honestly, any Tacoma from this era would benefit from these headlights since they will significantly improve the looks because today most of these trucks look much the same, and these will help your ride stand out from the crowd.

These headlights are from the LUXX series of headlights that AlphaRex makes. These headlights apply a LED tube as DRL around the projector.

These lights also come with an activation light feature. This feature runs when you start your Tacoma; in addition, there is a white DRL light. On the sides of these headlights, there is an amber reflector lens.

These headlights implement a single dual-beam projector for both low-beam and high-beam applications. This headlight implements LED chips that are proprietary and developed by AlphaRex.

And overall, this type of headlight is also a really good option because they come with an extremely reasonable price tag.

3. 14-22 AlphaRex Toyota 4Runner Projector Headlamps

Now let’s cover another product by AlphaRex headlights, also intended for Toyota, this time the 4Runner.

The 4Runner is another very popular model that Toyota has built since 2010, note that these headlights will only fit the models from 2014 to 2022. Mainly because before 2014, there was a different style of headlights. S since 2014, they changed the design.

Nevertheless, these headlights are from the Nova series of headlights. And these headlights feature the signature 3D ice cube projector technology AlphaRex. There is also a LED tube around the edge as a DRL feature. As well as a sequential turn signal.

There is also a unique activation light feature that turns on when you lock and unlock the vehicle. These headlights implement a quad projector design. The outer three projectors act as low beams, while the inner projector acts as a high beam.

According to their website, these headlights go for about $1,430. But if you visit the link on Amazon, you can find them for a cheaper deal. You should check out our link to get the best deal possible.

4. 09-18 AlphaRex Dodge RAM 1500 Projector Headlamps

Another great product on our list is the AlphaRex projector headlamps explicitly designed for the RAM 1500 truck built between 2009 and 2018. In other words, designed for the fifth generation of the RAM 1500.

This product is from the Nova Series of LED projector headlights. This means that it implements quad projectors. One inner projector for the high beams and three outer projectors for the low beam lights.

The high beam produces up to 6000k light output. And this output delivers an unmatched performance.

At the top, there is the DRL light bar that implements a white LED light. And at the bottom, there is a signal light that is an amber LED.

The projector comes in chrome, matte black, and jet black. The lens is made of polycarbonate plastic, which implements a layer of anti-fog agent, improving the headlights’ output in extreme weather conditions.

According to their official website, the price is steep, but thankfully, on Amazon, you’re likely to bag yourself a superior deal.

5. AlphaRex USA Nova Series GMC Sierra 14-18 Projector Headlights

Our next AlphaRex product is the Nova Series projector headlights for the GMC Sierra built between 2014 and 2018. More specifically, this model will fit the third generation of the Sierra model.

Nevertheless, these headlights come from the Nova lineup. Which, in our book, is probably the most desired type of headlights.

These headlights implement a quad headlamp design. The inner projector works as a high beam. At the same time, the three outer projectors work as low beams. The output of these headlights is an impressive 6000k.

There is also a LED light tube surrounding the light. This surrounding has 3 LED strips right next to the projector with the role of DRL module. The headlights have an activation light feature that turns on when you lock and unlock the vehicle.

According to the website, these headlights cost about $1,100. But on our link on Amazon, you can find an even better deal.

6. 15-17 Ford F150 Nova Series LED Projector Headlights

Next on our list of AlphaRex headlights is the Nova Series headlights for the F-150. A list of the best aftermarket headlights would not be complete without the F-150. And we are not talking about any F-150 here, but the model built between 2015 and 2017.

Similar to the other Nova Series headlights we covered, these also implement a lot of projectors. But this time, up to five. Three for the low beam at the top and two for the high beam at the bottom.

The headlights implement LED surrounding, as well as a sequential signal light. These lights also implement an activation light feature that turns on when you unlock your F-150.

These headlights cost about $1,380, according to the official website. But we think that you can find an even better deal on Amazon.

7. 11-16 Ford Super Duty Luxx-Series Headlights

And last but not least on our list of AlphaRex headlights is the Ford Super Duty Luxx-Series of headlights.

So, if you own a Super Duty built between 2011 and 2016, you will appreciate these headlamps. They might not be exquisite a the Nova Series, but the Luxx delivers. And all this for an excellent price.

Nevertheless, the Luxx Super Duty headlights implement two projectors. There is one for the low beam located at the top, as well as a high beam located at the bottom.

These AlphaRex headlight lenses are rectangular and also follow US LHD regulations. So you will not have to worry about passing the inspection with these lights.

These lights apply a switchback LED light tube around the light that functions as a DRL. As well as a sequential turn signal.

These headlights use LED chips developed by AlphaRex themselves at their factory. The headlights lens is produced from polycarbonate plastic which is good in terms of performance and longevity, so you don’t have to deal with yellowing and oxidation.

The housing of the headlights comes in a few different colors. Such as chrome, midnight black, or matte black. This will give you the ability to match the exterior color. So, if you have a chrome grille, you will need chrome headlights to complete the look.

And on top of that, these headlights come at a great price, which is an excellent deal. For more detail of the lights, you can check the link on Amazon.


In this article, we have learned quite a bit about AlphaRex headlights. First, we learned more about this company and the features that they implement on their headlights. They are an American company from California.

In the second part of our article, we discussed the headlight models they offer. We listed the most popular products that they make, as well as their primary features.

Overall, AlphaRex headlights provide excellent value for money. With a wide selection, they’re likely to transform your car or truck with their unique approach. We highly recommend checking out what they offer; hopefully, they have a perfect pick for your ride.

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