Ultimate Miata LED Headlight Guide

Early-model Miata owners know all too well they left the factory with concerningly dim headlights, but thankfully, modern technologies provide the perfect opportunity to turn night into day.

miata led headlights

In a hurry? Here are our Miata headlight winners

Budget Choice Drifted Choice Premium Choice
Quad-LED Chrome Halo Miata Headlights Truck-Lite 27270C LED Miata Headlights JW Speaker 8700 Evolution J2 LED Miata Headlights
Quad-LED Chrome Halo Miata Headlights Truck-Lite 27270C LED Miata Headlights JW Speaker 8700 Evolution J2 LED Miata Headlights
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Which Miata Headlights Are Best For Your Needs?

Although the later model NC and ND owners probably won’t suffer from lack of illumination at night, the NA and NB owners will undoubtedly struggle to relate.

In the early nineties, headlights resembled barely-lit candles, making night driving down the twisty canyon roads rather sketchy!

Thankfully, as time has progressed, modern-day lighting technology has come on leaps and bounds, and as a low-sitting Miata owner, you probably know a little too well just how eye-destroying some of these can be.

halo angel lights nb 2004 miata mazda base megan racing coilovers rota grid bronze

Given the extensive aftermarket support for the NA and NB Miata’s, there’s no shortage of upgrades to consider when it comes to upgrading your headlights.

And we’re not just talking about bulbs here either, although they can be a convenient upgrade should they tick the right boxes for you.

However, there is a wide range of conversions and upgrades which will swap out your existing light cluster, replacing it with a brand-spanking-new replacement.

Not only that, but there are some low-profile options to choose from, too, should you want something a little different from the norm.

halo angel eyes 1994 miata mazda m edition rev9 hyper street coilovers coilovers konig dial in black

There are various options for Miata headlight upgrades, such as the DIY ‘low pro’ or ‘sleepy eye’ headlight mods, right the way through to various colored halo rings, or sensible alternatives for those of you that want to improve your lighting output.

It’s worth remembering that many laws are strict when it comes to headlights, so once you’ve installed your shiny (and hopefully bright) new upgrade, you’ll want to make sure the beam is at the correct angle to save potentially getting pulled.

Sealed Beam Units

When it comes to light dispersion, this is where the more expensive ‘sealed beam’ units are more favorable since they’ve typically gone through extensive testing and passed various legislations to reach the market.

A sealed beam is an entire assembly that can’t be adjusted internally, so both the light source and the internal reflector are in fixed positions, therefore dispersing the light at the correct angle.

Given that some options are designed for RHD cars, this will cause havoc with oncoming traffic and limit your sidewalk vision since the light dispersion will be the opposite of what you’d want for US roads, so keep an eye out if that’s the case.

yellow widebody 2001 mx 5 miata mazda base bc racing air suspension ssr sp1 chrome

When it comes to upgrading to an entirely new sealed unit, the 7” round headlights commonly known as “Jeep headlights” are thankfully a tried-and-tested straight swap for the Miata.

You’ll need to ensure they’re suitable for H4 fitment or provide an adapter, as many options will be H13 fitment.

Thankfully, there are many options out there that are plug-and-play for the Miata, but keeping an eye out for Jeep options thankfully provides an even more comprehensive range to explore.

LED Bulb Upgrades

There are various options out there on the market for those looking to swap out your existing bulbs for a superior LED upgrade. This guide does a great job of walking you through the step-by-step process when it comes to upgrading.

The Best Miata Headlight Upgrades

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the best options on the market when it comes to swapping out and upgrading your existing headlight units, and we’ll even provide some of the best off-the-shelf low-profile options out there.

NA Miata Headlight Upgrades

First up, we’ll be exploring the best options out there when it comes to choosing the ultimate headlight upgrade for your NA Miata.

If you’re looking for ‘Low-Profile’ upgrades for your NA or lights for your NB, then make sure you head to the menu at the top of this page to skip to the relevant sections.

Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 LED Miata Headlights


  • Manufacturer: Morimoto
  • Fitment: 1990-1997 Mazda Miata NA
  • Housing Material: Powdercoated Cast Aluminum
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 Miata headlights

Our comment: Morimoto is known for providing some of the highest quality headlights to the market. Although they’re not the cheapest option on our list, they’ll be perfect for those that don’t mind spending a little extra for a premium product.

These are a unique light, built entirely by Morimoto from the ground-up, and aren’t replicas of anything else on the market.

One of the main benefits of spending a little extra is that these units come with a five-year warranty.

These units have H13 wiring, so you will need to consider purchasing the optional H4 adapter.

They come with a pure white, 5000K kelvin rating, with a low beam of 2,860 lumens (27w) and a high beam of 1,020 lumens (12w).

These are a fantastic premium choice, and they’ll give the perfect modern touch to your NA Miata.

Manufacturer description:No expense was spared when designing the Sealed7. Start with the ingredients at the heart of the headlight from Nichia-Japan and Philips-Lumileds. These aren’t cheap emitters to begin with“.

The UV coated Polycarbonate lens is shatter proof and will take years of abuse without fading. You can feel the precision in the heavy-duty die-cast housings that double as a heat-sink are no deeper than most traditional 7″ PAR56 headlights“.

Truck-Lite 27270C LED Miata Headlights

truck lite 27270c 7

  • Manufacturer: Truck-Lite
  • Fitment: 1990-1997 Mazda Miata NA
  • Housing Material: Military Grade Die-Cast aluminum
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Truck-Lite 27270C Miata headlights

Our comment: If you’ve already been researching the best 7” lights out there, then this street-legal Truck-Lite offering would’ve undoubtedly been mentioned.

These are among the most popular choices within the Jeep/truck market, which uses identical fitment to the Miata.

Using military-grade die-cast aluminum, these are exceptionally high-quality and will provide the perfect replacement.

They do have other styling options, but thankfully these are plug-and-play H4 fitment.

These provide up to 1300 lumen output per light and come with Truck-Lite’s 3-year limited warranty.

Manufacturer description:When properly mounted, the lamp is designed to conform to the requirements listed in the Department of Transportation (DOT), FMVSS-108 and Transport Canada (TC), CMVSS-108. Headlamps marked with the DOT symbol signifies the lamps are street legal“.

Metalized reflector optics provide a lighting experience that smooth and clean across the driving surface“.

Provides a brighter, crisper and whiter light output, closer to the color temperature of daylight, dramatically improving light projection distance and overall visibility“.

Durability and dependability of LED lighting provides a solid-state, bulb-free headlamp design that impervious to damage from shock and vibration“.

JW Speaker 8700 Evolution J2 Series LED Miata Headlights

jw speaker jwspeaker

Our comment: If you’re looking for the ultimate lighting upgrade for your Miata, then look no further than the JW Speaker 8700 Evolution J2.

When it comes to wanting the very best products for your Miata, JW Speaker is the Ferrari of the automotive lighting game.

These street-legal DOT compliant lights utilize their ‘dual-burn’ technology, which combined both the high and low beam when using high beam. This provides 3,200 raw lumens on high beam and 1,770 on low beam for the ultimate visibility.

If you spend a lot of time driving at night time in dark areas, these are likely to be the best and most reliable option on our list.

Manufacturer description:A high performance 7” round LED headlight, offering dual-burn® high & low beam optics. This technology combines your high and low beam when turning on your high beam, designed as an aftermarket headlight, providing the driver with both widespread visibility along with a powerful punch of light down the road“.

DOT versions are for use in the U.S. DOT-compliant guarantees that your lights are legal on the road, meeting section 108 requirements of the United States Federal Motor Safety Standards. Your DOT-compliance is clearly etched on the lens of the light“.

Cibie 82440

cibie 82440 h4 light

Our comment: Now that we’ve covered the premium offerings on our list, it’s time to look at the Miata owners’ favorite – the ‘Cibies’.

These come up time and time again as a recommendation from Miata owners, and this simple design is the perfect answer for those looking for a vastly improved output with an OEM-style light rather than the all-in-one LED options.

Created by Valeo, these are OEM quality and typically regarded as the best upgrade for the money.

It’s worth remembering that this is just the unit, so you’ll need to decide which bulb upgrade you wish to go with to make the most of their performance potential, but they’ll allow far superior light output to the stock offerings.

Manufacturer description:Give your older car or motorcycle that originally had curved headlights, new life while providing additional night driving capability“.

Cibie by Valeo, 7″ round headlamp replacement with curved lens. Period correct look for classic cars. These lamps utilize an H4 dual filament bulb for High & Low beam“.

Hella E-Code LED Conversion Kit

hella led conversion kit

Our comment: Although the Cibies generally gets the popularity vote with Miata owners, the Hella E-Code light provides an excellent alternative.

Although the Cibie generally gets the popularity vote with Miata owners, the Hella E-Code light provides an excellent alternative.

This LED conversion kit includes the light unit and provides bulbs that will vastly improve performance, thanks to the super bright 25W, 6,500K xenon white, 4,000-lumen bulbs.

Alternatively, you could buy the light unit separately and fit your favorite bulbs.

Manufacturer description:HELLA takes headlamp performance further than ever before with these attractively-styled halogen headlamps. With an increased range of vision, these headlamps improve driver safety and help reduce driver strain and fatigue“.

Enjoy 50 percent more power on low beams and 25 percent more power on high beams than standard halogen-sealed headlamps. Replaceable bulbs minimize waste and save money“.

Dual-LED Chrome Halo Miata Headlights

chrome dual led

Our comment: The first of our budget options is this plug-n-play kit with DOT SAE E9 certification, which makes them road-legal.

These have become a popular choice among owners looking for a cheaper replacement to the premium offerings, but the quality will typically take a hit in the process.

Given that these only come with a 90-day warranty compared to some of the premium alternatives, they run the risk of being a ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ part.

However, there’s no questioning that they’re cheap, and even if you have to buy them twice, they’re still cheaper than some of the expensive choices. However, if you have to buy them four times, you’ll probably start regretting it!

With a 50W high beam and a 30W low beam, these have a color temperature of 6,000K and are provided with IP67 waterproof and scratch-resistant lenses.

If you’re looking for some cheaper lights for your drift car, which won’t hurt your bank balance when they get damaged, they could present an ideal opportunity.

Manufacturer description:Our tried and true halo designed headlights are the perfect upgrade for your classic MX-5“.

Interior dual LED lights provide more even light to shine on the road ahead. These offer more light than stock halogens and the chrome aids in reflecting usable light to outshine other dual LED lights on the market“.

Quad-LED Chrome Halo Miata Headlights

chrome quad led

Our comment: Despite looking near-identical to the lights above, these are the ideal alternative for those that like the look, want the best possible light dispersion from our budget options.

Utilizing their quad-LED system, they claim this provides double the stock Miata lights’ power to ensure a road-legal offering with sufficient power to illuminate the road ahead without breaking the bank in the process.

Although these are another budget offering, they’re only a little more expensive than the cheaper offering above, so they’re likely to be worth the additional investment.

However, be warned that they still only provide a 90-day warranty with this superior model, which might not be ideal for some.

Manufacturer description:Our all-new tried and true wide-halo designed headlights are the perfect upgrade for your classic MX-5. With their quad-LED interior design, light output is bumped up TWO-FOLD compared to other LED lights on the market“.

Interior Quad LED lights provide more even light to shine on the road ahead. These offer nearly 2 times the usable light compared to stock halogens and other Dual LED lights on the market.

RGB Halo LED Miata Headlights

rgb halo

Our comment: Admittedly, these aren’t going to be to everyone’s taste, but for those looking for something a little different to make your Miata stand out at night, these RGB halo lights could well do the job!

It’s not every day that you see Bluetooth connectivity in headlights, but this is included to control the RGB functions from your phone.

These claim to put out some serious power, with 5,500LM high beam and 3,800LM low beam at 60W and feature DOT certification.

We wouldn’t be going for them, but we’ve put it out there for those of you that like going for something a little different with your builds.

We’ve seen many Miata’s install them and be extremely happy with the results.

If you’re struggling to imagine how these look when fitted, this video guide should provide the answers:

NA Miata ‘Low-Profile’ Headlights

Whether you know them as the ‘low profile’ or the ‘sleepy’, ‘lazy’, or ‘stoner-look’ for your Miata, we’ll be looking at the most common off-the-shelf kits to achieve this popular look.

There are options to do DIY methods to achieve this, but we prefer to go down the tried-and-tested route.

Cobalt Low-Profile Miata Headlamp System

cobalt low profile headlamp system

Our comment: For those of you that are looking for the rarer dual-headlamp setup, Cobalt is the best choice out there.

Providing dual Hella DOT approved lamps which feature both low and high beam, they use a one-piece bucket design with a powder-coated finish.

Although this isn’t a cheap option, Cobalt is known for their exceptional quality, and you’ll struggle to find alternatives when it comes to off-the-shelf dual-lamp Miata options.

Manufacturer description:This is the finest low-profile, dual headlamp system available for the Miata with no compromises. Take a look at this feature list and compare it to anything else available. You will quickly see why this system is worth every penny“.

The bucket is a simple one piece design. Instead of just being spray painted, they are completely powdercoated for a finish that is as long-lasting as it is beautiful. Also, this design incorporates an inner visor that eliminates the glare coming from the inside headlight“.

JASS Low-Profile (Lo-Pro) Miata Headlamp Kit

jass lo pro

Our comment: For those who aren’t fans of the Cobalt kit, this lo-pro alternative from JASS allows for a rectangular-style headlight fitment.

The JASS kit provides the exceptional Hella headlight units and provides a lift of just 9cm.

Like the Cobalt kit, these are specifically designed for the US LHD market. Although they’re shipped from the UK, they still work out far cheaper than the Cobalt offering.

Although this kit requires some minor bracket modification, the clear and precise instructions make installation a breeze.

For those looking for a reasonably-priced off-the-shelf ‘lo-pro’ system for your NA Miata, look no further.

NB Miata Headlight Upgrades

Given the NA Miata headlights’ simplicity, they’re convenient and straightforward to swap out with a vast range of 7” options on the market.

Things aren’t quite simple when it comes to the NB, since Mazda opted to get a little fancier with the facelift design.

With that said, there are aftermarket offerings out there that will completely transform the front end of your NB, so don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered!

Spec-D Tuning Black Halo Projector Headlights

spec d tuning

Our comment: We’re not going to say that these are the most incredible lights ever created, but for those looking to switch up the style of your NB, they offer a rare opportunity to do so.

These are DOT and SAE compliant and should be a straight fit for your existing OEM units.

The manufacturer warranty provided isn’t too impressive, with just a 30-day refund and 90 days for defective items. However, Amazon is well-known for its fantastic customer service should you encounter any issues further down the line.

Don’t expect these to be on-par with the quality of your OEM lights, but expect them to look excellent once fitted.

While many owners happily run these lights on their NB’s, others haven’t been quite so satisfied with their purchase.

Manufacturer description:Spec-D Tuning has been acclaimed within the automotive parts and accessories industry for our top-notch designs, performance, value, and most importantly, professional service“.

Since our start in 2003, it has been our goal to provide our customers with high-quality performance automotive accessories, and this is still true today“.

Spec-D Tuning Black Halo Projector Headlights

spec d tuning chrome

Our comment: If the black variant above isn’t to your taste, then Spec-D Tuning also supplies these Chrome alternatives.

We do recommend reading the description above to see why we’ve only given these a three-flame rating.

These could be a great choice to modernize your NB, but we recommend doing some research before definitely opting for them.

Manufacturer description:Spec-D Tuning has been acclaimed within the automotive parts and accessories industry for our top-notch designs, performance, value, and most importantly, professional service“.

Since our start in 2003, it has been our goal to provide our customers with high-quality performance automotive accessories, and this is still true today“.

Our winners

Now you have seen our selection, which headlights would we pick for our winners?

Our Drifted Choice award goes to the Truck-Lite 27270C LED Headlight Upgrade

When it comes to value-for-money, you’re going to struggle to beat the Truck-Lite’s as an all-rounder.

Our Miata Headlight winner are the Truck-Lite 27270C LED Headlights

It’s easy to see why they’re such a popular choice in both the Jeep and Miata scene, and for those of you that aren’t looking to go for the premium JW Speaker choice, these are an excellent alternative.

If you’re looking for something a little more OEM-looking, which can handle a variety of bulb options, then the Cibie 82440 takes the runner-up spot.

Featuring military-grade materials and a three-year warranty, these are our favorite all-rounder.

Truck-Lite 27270C LED Miata Headlights

truck lite 27270c 7

Our Premium Miata Headlight Choice

Although they won’t fit everyone’s budget requirements, the JW Speaker headlights are the cream of the crop when it comes to aftermarket LED headlights for your Miata.

Our Premium Choice are the JW Speaker 8700 Evolution J2 Series LED Headlights

With their Dual-Burn technology providing superior light dispersion, these are the highest quality of all the choices on our list and the worthy winners of the Premium award.

JW Speaker 8700 Evolution J2 Series LED Miata Headlights

jw speaker jwspeaker

Our Budget Miata Headlight Choice

Although there are many aftermarket choices regarding this style of headlight, we’ve favored these because most of the other options only provide dual output, where this offers a superior quad-LED system.

Our Budget Choice is the Quad-LED Chrome Halo Miata Headlights

Don’t expect these to be the highest quality, but they’re a fantastic choice for a budget bargain. Many NA Miata owners have opted for these and have been delighted with their purchase.

Quad-LED Chrome Halo Miata Headlights

chrome quad led

Thank you for reading our Mazda Miata Headlight guide.

There’s certainly a lot more to choose from when it comes to NA Miata’s, thanks to the simplicity of their design, however, we provided a couple of options for NB owners, but since it falls to personal taste, we’ll let you decide which best suits your ride.

We hope we’ve provided everything you wanted to know about Miata headlights in this guide, but if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message.

If you’re keen to explore the finest products for your Miata, then make sure you also check out our supercharger, turbo, cold air intake, and exhaust guides.

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