Ultimate Miata Seats Guide – Pick The Best Seats For Your Roadster

Are you getting tired of your well-worn stock Miata seats? We’re exploring the best seats available on the market to find the perfect alternatives for your needs.

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In a hurry? Here is our best Miata seats summary

Budget Choice Drifted Choice Premium Choice
corbeau forza bride a.i.r sparco spx
Corbeau Forza Bride A.i.R. Sparco SPX
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Miata seats, particularly from the earlier generations, seem to have earned themselves a love/hate relationship among enthusiasts.

Some will argue that the Miata’s OEM seats are fantastic, and they’ve even become a popular ‘upgrade’ for vintage car owners that are looking for a little more comfort or support on a budget.

On the other hand, other owners believe that they’re too hard, too flat, and don’t feature anywhere near enough support.

Either way, I think it’s safe to say that although the stock seats are adequate for a lot of purposes, there’s no question that they’re deteriorating with age, and let’s face it, there are better alternatives out there, whatever your needs may be.

Some owners look to aftermarket seats for styling purposes, after all, the seats in a Miata are far more visible than most cars, especially when it comes to a roof-down blast.

Other enthusiasts may be looking to find the ultimate racing seats, which will provide adequate support, ensuring they don’t end up flying over to the passenger side when they initiate their first drift, or flinging them around the car on their first grip day.

Although some owners opt for upgrading their OEM seats with the likes of the alternatives found in the Lotus Elise, this can soon end up becoming costly, and you’re likely to be left with old, worn seats, which are crying out for a refurb.

Not to mention that their increasing popularity and rarity are making them harder than ever to come by with a reasonable price-tag.

Another alternative is to go with a ‘Foamectomy’ on your stock seats, which entails replacing the foam, perhaps for something that suits your needs a little more.

However, if you want to keep life simple, then there’s a vast array of incredible brand new aftermarket seats waiting on the shelf ready to be fitted into your Miata.

It’s worth noting, though, that the Miata isn’t the most straightforward car when it comes to finding the perfect new seats, mostly due to the lack of space on the interior.

cool blue miata enkei wheels minty roof box

But fear not – that’s precisely why we’ve created this guide, as we’ve done the hard work for you by eliminating the seats that are too big to consider.

When looking for the perfect seats for your Miata, you’ll ideally want to find seats with around a 19.5-inch base and 21-inch shoulder width. However, the shoulder width will depend on the height where the seat widens.

Typically, the maximum base width you’ll be able to consider will be around 22-inches, with a maximum shoulder width of 24-inches.

Although you may be able to get away with slightly bigger options depending on where they widen, we’d always ensure that someone has already fitted them previously to save the potential headaches.

Despite reclining seats being the most convenient solution, the Miata’s base design can often cause an issue with the asymmetrical OEM seat base.

This base features a dropped pan to allow the seats to sit as low as possible while still being able to integrate the sliders, while also allowing you to sit perfectly central to the steering wheel.

For this reason, it can be a challenge to fit reclining seats that will sit as low, or lower, than the stock seats, which is why so many owners opt for fixed-back seats in their Miata.

So, there are certainly a few considerations when it comes to finding the perfect Miata seats for your needs, so let’s take a more in-depth look at the recommended choices on offer.

Although we’ve researched the dimensions of all these seats to ensure that the base and shoulders fit, we’d highly recommend ensuring that they clear the vital areas of the Miata to provide the perfect solution.

Miata’s are hugely versatile cars, and in many ways, they’re a motoring enthusiasts’ dream, so finding the perfect seat to finish off your interior is likely to be the icing on the cake.

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Best Miata seats lineup

Let’s take a closer look at the seats we have lined up for this guide:

Bride A.i.R.

bride a.i.r

Our comment: Bride’s A.i.R. series is the latest in Bride’s revolutionary line of seats, which could quite possibly be the ultimate seat for Miata owners.

Specially designed with two-seaters in mind, the A.i.R. series utilizes Bride’s LOWMAX system to ensure the lowest possible seating position, which allows zero offset with the floor pan.

The new lower-angled side bolsters make getting in and out of the seats far more convenient than traditional buckets, yet the modern design also ensures that you still receive significant hip support when driving.

Stylish, unique, and weighing in at just 6.8kg per seat, this brand new offering from JDM legends, Bride, could well be the perfect Miata solution.

Manufacturer description:The Bride A.i.R. Bucket Seat is the latest design from the Japanese seat company. It was designed for small convertible coupes with emphasis on a minimal head-rest and shoulder bolsters to reduce drag when the convertible top is down“.

Similarly, since they were designed for small convertibles you can expect superior clearance of interior panels and doors. The Bride A.i.R. also implements their proprietary “Low Max” system to lower seating position to accommodate tall drivers and those using helmets“.

Bride Gias II

bride gias ii

  • Manufacturer: Bride
  • Base width: 17.7″
  • Shoulder width: 21.6″
  • Value for money:rating
  • Purchase link: Discontinued

Updated March 25th 2021: Discontinued. We recommend taking a look at the latest seats in the Bride range, the Bride Euroster.

Our comment: These are quite possibly the most stunning seats in the Bride range, and we love them, so you might be wondering why they only achieved four flames for ‘Value for money’.

Although they’re quite possibly the best-looking seats in the Bride lineup, they’re also one of the most expensive. If you’re after value for money but still want Bride seats, their ‘A.i.R’ offering above will work out far better value for money.

Don’t get us wrong though, the Gias are as comfy as they are pretty, and if you’re looking for reclining seats for daily comforts, these are up there with the very best. However, for competition use, we would always opt for fixed back seats.

These are more similar to a bucket seat in the thigh region than the Stradia seats, as they offer increased support.

Manufacturer description:By adopting a super monocoque shell structure and an all-aluminum frame, GIAS series is a sporty reclining sports seat which realizes both lightweight and rigidity. The design deeply envelops the driver and realizes high holdability“.

For the GIAS backrest we utilize a monocoque structure shell for decreased weight and reinforced rigidity. The shell materials we provide are 3 types including the lightweight and strong carbon aramid, the super aramid black shells which have superior tensile strength the same as carbon aramid which is only used by BRIDE, and FRP“.

Bride Zeta IV

bride zeta iv

Our comment: Bride’s Zeta IV is another addition to their latest line of racing seats, and these are likely to be the perfect solution for those of you that intend to get into professional motorsports.

Bride looked in-depth at ergonomics based on the knowledge gained from the previous ZETA series to create the ultimate seat for comfort and support. They’ve also increased the shell rigidity by 15-percent.

The Zeta IV also integrates their LOWMAX system, which provides the perfect seating position for the Miata.

Despite being priced at half the cost of the Gias recliners above, the flagship Zeta IV is HANS compatible, and FIA approved, making it the perfect Bride seat for those of you that are serious about racing in your Miata.

We feel that the Zeta IV and the A.i.R. are the ultimate Bride choices for your Miata, but if you’re serious about motorsport, then you won’t need to look further than the Zeta IV.

IF you’re looking for a different color, then you can view the full Zeta IV range here.

Manufacturer description:The all new ZETA IV is one of Bride’s flagship FIA APPROVED full bucket racing seats. The sides of the seat feature leather padding for extra grip. ZETA IV uses the latest technology for extreme lightweightedness and durability, and is also HANS device compatible“.

In black fabric outer and gradation inner, FRP construction. Shoulder and side bolsters of ZETA IV are purely for seat performance and feature the largest shoulder and side bolster for high driver holding ability. The frame is very durable and lightweight, and the fabric black Bride fabric with leather along the sides of the seat, and a sparkling silver metallic finish on the backing. This is a true racing full bucket seat“.

Bride Stradia II

bride stradia ii

  • Manufacturer: Bride
  • Base width: 17.7″
  • Shoulder width: 21.7″
  • Value for money:rating
  • Purchase link: Discontinued

Updated March 25th 2021: Discontinued. We recommend taking a look at the latest seats in the Bride range, the Bride Euroster.

Our comment: Bride’s Stradia features a near-identical design to the previously reviewed Gias, except for a shallower thigh area, which makes it perfect for daily driving. However, for us, it has priced itself out of the typical daily driver price-range.

Combined with the reclining function, which isn’t vital for Miata’s, this only earns itself a four-? rating from us despite once again being a fantastic and incredible-looking seat.

If you’re keen to get your hands on a Bride seat, we feel that the A.i.R. or Zeta IV are far better suited for the Miata.

As always, Bride offers an excellent level of variety to choose from if the Stradia ticks the right boxes for your needs.

Manufacturer description:STRADIA series’s shape features a lower knee support section compared to GIAS to enable easier boarding and exiting. The backrest deeply envelops the driver the same as GIAS, maintaining the high holdability. Because it utilizes a super monocoque shell structure and an aluminum frame, it achieves both light weight and high rigidity. This model is perfect for those who do not want to sacrifice holdability but are also concerned about ease of boarding/exiting“.

With the STRADIA, the backrest has an enveloping form that enables high holdability, but the height of the thigh part is just enough to prioritize ease of boarding/exiting while maintaining holdability. This makes for a reclining sports seat which achieves both a suitable holdability and ease of use. In addition, wide-size is available for part of STRADIA lineup“.

Bride Zodia

bride zodia

Our comment: Bride has created another seat crafted specifically with the Lotus Exige and Elise in mind, due to their extremely narrow interiors and floor pan layout, which is a bonus for Miata owners.

With the ever-increasing prices of the highly-sought-after Lotus seats that a lot of Miata owners opt for, these could be an excellent, brand new consideration.

We’re yet to see these fitted to a Miata, but given that the principle of the Exige/Elise is similar, these will provide an extremely narrow setup for those of you that are concerned about space.

It is worth bearing in mind that these will only really be suited to the ‘slimmer’ body type, so that may be worth considering.

These seats are a fantastic option aimed at the narrow two-seater market. If you happen to get them for your Miata, we’d love to see some photos.

Although the Zodia has the potential to be the perfect solution, we would personally recommend going with Bride’s A.i.R. or the Zeta IV if you’re looking for a more straightforward choice.

Manufacturer description:ZODIA is a competition-use fixed bucket seat designed for sports cars with extremely tight interior space such as Lotus Elise, Lots Exige, Honda Beat, and Suzuki Cappuccino. It is designed with a compact form so it can be installed in tight seat spaces“.

The place on the seat shell which equates to the seat surface is a large egg-shaped concave depression. By installing the seat rails as if this seat shell depression is inserted into the seat rails, you can realize the maximum low position. This is BRIDE’s patented technology, the “LOWMAX System”, which enables a low position even in tight seating spaces in sports cars and race cars“.

BridgeMoto Tsukuba

bridgemoto tsukuba

Our comment: BridgeMoto has been increasing in popularity in recent times, and it’s easy to see why with this insanely-priced carbon fiber option, which they say “weighs less than your flywheel”!

Not only is this an impressive price, but it also weighs in at just 9lbs, has HANS compatibility, AND FIA homologation!

With flame-retardant materials that also provide a breathable mesh design for those ‘warmer’ days at the track, this provides the coolest temperatures possible.

They’ve also opted for a memory foam padding for superior comfort, and although the sides would certainly hold you in place, they aren’t as much of a struggle as some of the other options when it comes to getting in and out.

With all things considered, these seats have blown us away, and that’s before you even begin to look at their color and material selection. They may not be too comfy for long journeys, but we’d certainly consider them for both daily and track use.

Now, if only they could get working on improving their product photos!

Manufacturer description:Record Shattering 9lb. Driver Seat. Cut weight to the max and in style with these revolutionary buckets! Flame retardant, Breathable, antiperspirant Mesh Design for keeping drivers at optimal low temperatures“.

One piece Monolithic Carbon Fiber shell construction for superior protection, weight reduction, and durability. Impact absorbing material on head and side rests for collision protection“.

Buddy Club Racing

buddy club

Our comment: Buddy Club’s seats are another popular choice on the Japanese market and are well known for being incredibly light (5kg) and well built, with a high-quality standard to match.

These are performance seats for fast road use, and can be used with a 4-point harness; however, we don’t recommend them for frequent track use due to not having FIA approval.

There are Black and Red color options available and also a ‘Wide’ variation, but we’d expect that to be too wide for a Miata.

Manufacturer description:Buddy club Racing Spec Seats have been tested and used in competition on various racing circuits around the world. This extensive “real world” testing was instrumental in the development of our one of a kind seat bolsters which offer the user support and grip while cornering and has proven extremely effective at even the most severe lateral g conditions“.

Buddy Club P-1 Limited Edition

buddy club p1

Our comment: The Buddy Club P-1 is developed through professional motorsport to create a high-performance seat for road use.

These could be the ideal choice for the more frequently-tracked daily driver, where a fixed-back is ideal, yet it’s still comfortable enough for everyday use.

Weighing in at just 11lbs with its FRP construction, it’s also incredibly lightweight and features a twill fabric to ensure extended lifespan and grip to ensure minimal movement when driving.

If you want something a little different, these are also available in red. Their regular sizing is ideal for 36 to 38-inch waists, and the wide version is suitable for up to 44-inches, but we would expect that to be too wide for a Miata.

Manufacturer description:Buddy Club P-1 Limited Edition Racing Spec Fiberglass Fixed Bucket Seats have been tested and used in competition on various racing circuits around the world“.

Constructed from lightweight fiberglass and are extremely strong, which makes them perfect for racing where weight reduction can mean the difference between a victory or a loss“.

Corbeau A4

corbeau a4

Our comment: Corbeau enter the higher end of the market with their top-rated A4 seat.

These are another reclining option, but this time aimed at the more reasonable side of the market than the Bride variants.

These are a great all-rounder for daily and perhaps occasional light track use. If you are looking to get seriously involved with motorsports or drifting, we’d recommend the fixed-back seats.

These come in a wide variety of colors, with Black, Blue, Red, Black Suede and Grey/Black Suede options.

A reasonably priced all-rounder for those of you looking for a basic reclining seat for daily use.

Manufacturer description:The Corbeau A4 seat is a snug fitting touring seat with a fully reclining back. This seat has excellent lateral support with low side bolsters and a low profile design“.

As a rule of thumb, the A4 will fit up to a 34-36 inch waist while the A4 Wide will fit up to a 38-40 inch waist“.

Corbeau DFX

corbeau dfx

Our comment: The DFX is the latest fixed-back performance seat from Corbeau, becoming a success in the European market before bring introduced to the States.

Designed with both support and comfort in mind, this is another fantastic seat for those of you that aren’t too serious about competition use, although it is capable of fitting either a three or four-point harness if required.

We’ve seen the DFX fitted into several Miata’s, with the owners generally being thrilled with them.

The DFX is an excellent alternative at a reasonable price, which is guaranteed to be an ideal fit for your Miata.

Manufacturer description:Designed with an emphasis on comfort and support, this seat is one of the more comfortable fixed back seats on the market today. What also makes this seat unique is that it can be side or bottom mounted, making it practical for all drivers in the market for a fixed back seat“.

Other standard features include a tubular steel frame, medium density foam, strategically placed high wear patches and carbon fiber vinyl accents. The DFX comes with harness slots making it 3 and 4 point harness capable“.

Corbeau Forza

corbeau forza

Our comment: Branded as a ‘competition seat with a price tag for the weekend racer,’ the Corbeau Forza is certainly excellent value-for-money.

These seats feature five harness slots for your race harness, along with integrated shoulder support. Corbeau recommends these seats for those of you with a 36-38″ waist. They also have a wide alternative if you require a bigger size, which is for up to 44″, but we’d expect this to be too wide for the Miata.

These are excellent value for money, and although they may not be the most exciting seat, they’re certainly worth considering for the price.

If black doesn’t tickle your fancy, you may want to consider the ‘Red’ variation.

Manufacturer description:The Forza is the perfect entry level racing seat. The Forza racing seat combines comfort, performance, and safety at an absolutely unbeatable price“.

“If you enjoy racing and want a practical and affordable seat, the Forza is the seat for you“.

Corbeau FX1 Pro

corbeau fx1 pro

Our comment: Corbeau’s FX1 Pro features a similar design to the Sparco Evo seat but at a fraction of the price. Don’t get us wrong though, the quality isn’t quite as good as the Sparco, nor are they FIA approved.

Corbeau has a good reputation within the budget scene, and if you’re looking to run bucket seats in your daily driver or for light track use, these will be ideal. For serious racing, we always recommend FIA-approved seats as it may become a requirement further down the line.

This ‘Pro’ range is the cheapest, which features narrower shoulders with racing in mind. There’s also the wider-shoulder FX1 and the large FX1 seats available, but we wouldn’t expect these to fit the Miata.

Manufacturer description:The FX1 Pro racing seat features composite fiberglass technology. The FX1 Pro combines comfort, performance, and safety at an absolutely unbeatable price. Designed with an emphasis on comfort, this seat is one of the most comfortable race seats you will ever sit in“.

If you enjoy racing and want a practical and affordable shell seat, the FX1 Pro is a hard one to pass on. As a rule of thumb, the FX1 Pro racing seat will fit up to a 36 inch waist, the FX1 will fit up to a 38 inch waist and the FX1 Wide (black only) will fit up to a 42 inch waist“.


nrg frp 300

Our comment: NRG is known for bringing some great-looking budget parts to the market, and these seats are no exception with a price tag of under $250.

These may be ideal for a budget track build, but with car parts, we know that you often get what you pay for, and it looks like it’s the case this time around too.

We’ve heard several reports of the quality being to a low standard with fiberglass and issues with the mounting holes.

These have been included in our list as they’re an exceptional price, but we’d personally look elsewhere for something higher quality.

Manufacturer description:NRG Innovations racing seats are designed with the best of comfort and style to improve the look and performance in any vehicle“.

Great lumbar support and holding feel as opposed to the stock seats. NRG seats are designed differently to accommodate different harness styles“.


nrg frp 310

Our comment: These seats may well be a worthwhile consideration for your budget track build, but there are certainly better options out there if you’re willing to lay down a little extra cash.

We’ve heard reports of the fiberglass being of low quality, and also some issues with the mounting holes. We hope that NRG will listen to the feedback and improve this over time.

They’re certainly not the perfect choice, but given their insanely cheap price tag, they may suit those of you opting for a budget build.

Manufacturer description:NRG Innovations racing seats are designed with the best of comfort and style to improve the look and performance in any vehicle“.

Great lumbar support and holding feel as opposed to the stock seats. NRG seats are designed differently to accommodate different harness styles“.

Seibon Carbon Kevlar Type-FC

seibon type fc

Our comment: Carbon fiber wizards, Seibon, have launched a stunning carbon kevlar seat to the market with their Type-FC, which could quite possibly be the most insane looking seat in our list.

These handcrafted carbon seats will undoubtedly attract a fair amount of attention in your Miata, and it’s easy to see why.

As you can imagine, being carbon fiber, they’re substantial and lightweight. Its design allows for the ultimate bolster support to prevent unnecessary body movement even when you’re pushing the car hard.

These seats were designed for racing use and allow for fitting of a multi-point harness – an exceptional product that is undoubtedly a contender for our favorite seat on the market right now.

If the red color doesn’t suit your personal preference, then they are also available in black.

Manufacturer description:Creating performance-oriented products that help shed unnecessary weight without sacrificing style is Seibon’s specialty. This Seibon Carbon Kevlar Bucket Racing Seat Type FC is the perfect answer to enhance and maintain that superior look of carbon fiber to your car. The supportive shape will keep you in an upright driving position so you can stay in control during high performance driving“.

Sparco Chrono

sparco chrono

Our comment: This ergonomic design from Sparco is one of their best streetcar offerings for those of you that are looking for a comfortable, reclining seat with a reasonable price tag.

Crafted from Sparco’s collaboration with Lamborghini, this sleek seat with aggressive side and thigh bolsters will be an excellent choice for daily and fast road use.

These are known to be a popular choice with Miata owners with a ‘fuller figure,’ so they may be an ideal choice if you’re looking for something with a little more ‘wiggle room’!

Manufacturer description:Drawing on our decades of racing history, Sparco has created an extensive line of streetcar seats that offer the ultimate in comfort and performance. Our ergonomic designs help cradle and protect the driver against even the most demanding lateral forces“.

“This black seat features white contrast stitching on the exterior and seat and back padding for extra comfort. The aggressive side and thigh bolsters hold and protect the driver. The Chrono Road seat has a full suspension bottom and generous sizing for added comfort“.

Sparco Circuit

sparco circuit

Our comment: As the name would suggest, Sparco’s Circuit seat is for those of you that spend quite a lot of time at the track.

Although these are hugely popular seats, they’re not recommended for those of you that are a larger build, but for small or medium builds, they’re a fantastic choice.

Bucket seats aren’t the most useful things to use daily, and those with head restraints become even more challenging. On the other hand, it provides excellent support when pushing your Miata to the limit, and also comes with FIA-approval and HANS device compatibility.

These are an excellent, ultra-light seat for the track at a very reasonable price, but not something that we’d be opting for if we drive our Miata daily.

Manufacturer description:The Circuit is an ultra-light competition seat specifically designed for circuit use. Made from aramadic fibers-reinforced fiberglass, the Circuit has an ultra-light shell“.

The Circuit includes integrated bolsters to protect the head and a unique seat design that helps separate the driver’s leg. This seat can be used with a Hans device for even greater protection“.

Sparco EVO QRT

sparco evo qrt

Our comment: We feel that the EVO QRT is the ultimate offering from Sparco, which they redesigned in 2019 with a significantly improved design.

This latest revision of Sparco’s legendary EVO range utilizes Sparco’s all-new QRT technology to create an ultra-light shell.

The QRT technology enabled Sparco to achieve a weight-saving of up-to 30-percent compared to standard fiberglass, while also improving the structural strength.

Not only that, but the QRT also features reduced shoulder bolster dimensions over the traditional EVO seat, making it perfect for the Miata.

When you thought it couldn’t get any better, the seat also has FIA approval and HANS compatibility, which makes it perfect for motorsport use, but also comfortable enough to be used daily.

Manufacturer description:The EVO QRT has been updated from the previous EVO seat with a reduced shoulder bolster dimension that allows fitment into smaller cockpits but can still accommodate a medium size driver“.

The EVO QRT series of seats feature the most back angle rake of all Sparco seats for a very comfortable driving position“.

Sparco Sprint

sparco sprint

Our comment: Sparco’s Sprint seats are their entry-level competition seat, which comes in at a reasonable price for the quality. At just $400, these FIA Approved seats should be a consideration for those of you on a budget.

With a steel tubular frame and 6-point harness slots, these are ideal for both competition and daily driving use. Weighing in at 8.74kg, they’re going to be far lighter than the stock seats.

Sparco says that these are the best-selling seats in Europe, and we can see why. Excellent seats at an even better price point.

They offer three color variations to choose from with these seats – Black, Red, and Blue.

Manufacturer description:The Sprint is our entry level competition seat, perfect for weekend racers. It carefully balances safety, styling and value. The fastenings for side or bottom attachments on the tubular frame are better positioned on the shell while the holes for fifth and sixth seatbelt points provide improved safety“.

This seat is made from fire retardant fabric and features contrasting quilting. Available in black, blue and red. FIA approved“.

Sparco SPX

sparco spx

Our comment: We love the look of these Sparco SPX seats, but quality comes at a price, and these are no exception.

However, if you’re looking for what Sparco states to be the lightest carbon fiber (mixed with advanced composites) reclining seat on the market, look no further.

Sparco created the first-ever adjustable carbon fiber seat for the Lamborghini Diablo back in 1998, and they’ve continued to make some of the most elegant seats in the world ever since.

This work of art mixes Alcantara suede with perforated Italian leather for the ultimate touch. It’s certainly not a seat we’d be heading to the track in, but if it’s a stylish modern look that you’re after for your daily driver, then these seats are hard to beat!

Given they’re aimed more at the luxury market, they are one of the more substantial seats, weighing in at 28lbs; however, they are exceptionally comfortable. They’re also an ideal fit for up to 42″ waists, so they’ll be an excellent choice even for our ‘huggable’ fans!

Manufacturer description:The SPX is handcrafted in Italy using the same technology and materials used for OEM super cars. In fact the SPX is the first Carbon Fiber reclining seat available to the public that meets the same specifications required by the OEM manufacturers. What this means is that the attention to detail and quality cannot be matched by any other seat manufacturer on the market today“.

The Sparco SPX seat represents the ultimate evolution of the sport seat. The SPX uses a combination of carbon fiber and advanced composites that give the driver both comfort and performance in a lightweight package. With the ergonomic shape of the carbon fiber backrest and the seating position of the RTM composite lower, the SPX holds the driver during extreme lateral forces and is comfortable for long road trips“.

Tillett B6 Screamer

tillett b6

Our comment: You know when we said we had something for everyone in our guide? Well, we weren’t lying! The B6 Screamer certainly doesn’t win the popularity contest for daily drivers, but if you’re building a lightweight track car and just want the essentials, then this is a great choice.

These aren’t the kind of seat that you opt for if you’re looking for your parents’ approval when you take them for a ride.

If you’re struggling for space in your car due to being tall or generally needing to sit lower, there are very few better choices out there to maximize the space inside the Miata. These seats are FIA approved, capable of running 6-point harnesses, and weigh in at just 6kg.

For those of you that like them, but the thought of sitting in them for a long track session is making your eyes water, they’ve also got optional padding to make the day more tolerable.

Like the idea of the B6 Screamer, but have a little more money to spare to achieve the ultimate weight-saving? You’ll want to check out the Tillett B7.

A great, unique, lightweight alternative that could be the perfect solution for a hardcore track competitor.

Manufacturer description:The new B6 Screamer is FIA approved to the 8855-1999 standard and replaces the popular B6F. Importantly, the weight is now 20% lighter than the B6F as this seat uses a new moulding system which creates lighter seats with superior strength“.

These fit the seats rigidly down to a flat floor giving the lowest possible driving position. The Lotus Elise/Exige specific EBF1 brackets are also usable on a dropped floor or when sited on top of runners“.

Our winner

Our winner for this guide is the Bride A.i.R. seat.

To pick our winner from this choice of Miata seats, we looked at a number of criteria; performance, quality, and design.

Based on these criteria, we have chosen the Bride A.i.R to be our winner.

Bride A.i.R.

bride air nd miata

Despite the restricted space inside the Miata’s interior, there’s still a vast selection of remarkable seats available on the market.

Although the A.i.R. isn’t the usual, common choice, we feel that’s because they’re one of the latest releases from Bride, and haven’t yet had time to settle into the deserved spot in their unique market.

Designed with two-seater convertible sports cars in mind, they look stunning in any generation of Miata.

Bride intentionally aimed at having minimal head-rest and shoulder bolsters to reduce drag when driving with the top down.

Not only that, but they’ve also made the seats as narrow as possible to allow for maximum clearance within the tight Miata interiors. We have no doubt they designed these with the likes of the Miata owner in mind.

Their ‘LOWMAX’ system also ensures that you’ll have the lowest possible seating position, where some seats are likely to make you sit higher than usual.

We understand that the A.i.R. won’t be ideal for everyone’s budget, and perhaps their tastes, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the five-star options in our guide.

However, our budget choice this time around would go to the insanely reasonably-priced Corbeau Forza, which is perfect for a budget build.

Alternatively, if you’ve got some cash to splash and you’re looking for a luxurious, premium seat, then look no further than the Sparco SPX.

Thank you for reading our Best Miata Seats guide

We hope that you’re now confident in choosing the perfect seats for your needs, whether you’re planning on cruising on the streets or tearing it up at the track. Now that you have got the perfect pair of seats hooked up, why not treat your Miata to a new shift knob?

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