Ultimate NRG Steering Wheel Guide

NRG Innovations offer some of the most unique steering wheels on the aftermarket tuning scene, and we’re taking a look at their range in this guide.

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Introduction & NRG Steering Wheel FAQ

Back in 2003, NRG Innovations burst onto the aftermarket tuning scene, pushing the boundaries by offering tuning enthusiasts some truly unique products.

Known for their stand-out wacky colors and designs, NRG brought some of the awesome ideas that we’ve seen on the various worldwide tuning scenes to the masses in the US, combining them with an affordable price tag to match.

By 2017, NRG already had over 1,400 different product variations on offer, expanding from steering wheels through to hubs, quick releases, shift knobs, and even some of the most popular drifting racing seats.

Known for being true tuning enthusiasts themselves, the NRG team has even begun hosting its very own annual Drift Matsuri event.

With their products being tried and tested by some of the best in the drifting world, such as Formula Drift pilots Arimas “Odi” Bakchis, Ryan Litteral, and Matt Field, there’s no doubt that they’re capable when being pushed to their limits.

Check out this video featuring Odi Bakchis, where the NRG steering wheel range gets put through comprehensive testing against its competition:

What is the best NRG steering wheel?

NRG is known for providing good quality wheels on a budget, and as long as you’re confident you’ve ordered a genuine product, this will mostly fall to personal preference.

When looking at wheels, we would consider a variety of factors, such as materials.

For example, some of you may find the more ‘polished’ designs too slippery when pushed to the limits at the track, where a leather option is likely to be a better bet.

On the other hand, their shiny, colorful offerings may appeal more to someone looking to show off their ride at the local stance meet.

Also, consider whether a deep-dish or flat wheel suits you best – which brings us to our next question:

How do I fit an NRG steering wheel to my car?

To fit an NRG steering wheel, you’ll need to find the correct hub/adapter for your application.

For example, there are specific fitments for the Nissan 240SX (S13/S14), Nissan 350Z/370Z/G35/G37, Honda S2000, and plenty more.

Since NRG are best-known for their short hubs, taller drivers may find themselves too far from the wheel, which is where you can consider options such as a universal quick release to space the wheel out a little further.

Alternatively, you can also look at some of the deep dish wheels in their catalog, which will essentially do the same.

NRG offers various deep-dish wheels, ranging between 1-3” deep dish wheels in their selection. When using a Short Hub Adapter, the quick release adds 2.5” to the steering column, making the combined length 3.5-5.5”.

It’s worth noting that while the Short Hub Adapters are vehicle-specific, the quick release is universal. Therefore, the Short Hub Adapter is required, but the quick release is optional.

We strongly advise measuring where you’d like the wheel to sit, or trying out other setups, if you can, before purchasing.

Are NRG steering wheels universal?

Yes. However, you’ll need to ensure that you have the correct hub adapter to suit your vehicle.

It’s also worth considering that with an aftermarket steering wheel, you’ll sometimes need to remove your vehicle’s clock spring.

When doing so, you may disable vital electronic functions and possibly have dashboard lights appear.

One of the most common lights is the airbag light, but thankfully, the NRG short hub kit will provide resistors that will disable the light from the dash.

NRG Steering Wheel Selection

Let’s take a look at some of the best steering wheels that NRG Innovations has to offer.

NRG Neo Center 350mm Steering Wheel

white neo center 350mm

Our comment: First up is the classic NRG design that has earned them their reputation in the tuning scene.

With the brands’ stylish neochrome internal finish on the inside of the wheel, there are various colors to choose from for the smooth, painted and polished wood exterior.

Alongside the traditional three-spoke design comes a 2” (50.80mm) dish depth, which sits at the deeper end of the range.

A tried-and-tested much-loved design that’s great for road driving and standing out at car meets.

Manufacturer description:Introducing the New Wood Grain Steering Wheel Series. Made from high quality materials with sophisticated designs to let you feel the smooth luxurious wood finish in combination with either an aggressive matte finish, elegance of chrome or a soft supple leather.

A great addition for added style and look to any vehicle. Available in various sizes and designs.

NRG 320mm Flat Bottom Series Steering Wheel

nrg 320mm flat bottom series

Our comment: Based on the flat-bottomed F1 designs, this wheel will be an excellent choice for those who enjoy spirited driving without going sideways.

When drifting, you’ll want a traditional round-shaped wheel, so this isn’t likely to be the ideal choice if that’s your intention.

Available in both suede and leather options for the ultimate race-car feel.

Manufacturer description:The Flat Bottom Series steering wheel is the perfect choice for that sporty look inside the cockpit. It features a flat bottom to increase the space between driver and steering wheel for a more comfortable driving.

Available in luxurious soft supple leather and the race feel of suede. These 3 spoke units resemble the Formula 1 D-style wheel to provide the best in both quality and performance. NRG steering wheels are sure to give your vehicle that extra edge of control and styling.

NRG 350mm Deep Dish Limited Edition Steering Wheel

sport limited edition blue 350mm deep dish

Our comment: With an option of high-quality leather or suede, along with a 3” deep dish, the ST-016R wheel is going to be an ideal choice for drifters, racers, or cruisers.

Utilizing a typical ‘sport’ style three-spoke design, NRG offers a wide selection of colors available to suit your preferences.

Manufacturer description:The newest addition to our line of steering wheels is the ST-016R 3” deep dish. Available in an assortment of colors it will definitely add a touch of style to your interior. Wrapped in high quality leather or suede, the new wheels have a superb feel and look to them.

Whether you’re braking late to steal your rivals’ apex or cruising around town make NRG Innovations your number one choice for steering wheels.

NRG 350mm Deep Dish (Suede/Red Stitch) Steering Wheel

suede red stitch 350mm deep dish

Our comment: Suede often makes the best material for drifting, and this fantastic 350mm 3” deep dish wheel is going to be a great choice if you’re looking for a grippy material.

Combining the premium suede with a subtle red-stitch finish, we feel this is an excellent choice for drifting, racing, or cruising.

Manufacturer description:The NRG Innovations RST-018S-RS is the newest addition to our line of steering wheels. The 3″ deep dish series sport steering wheel is the perfect choice to get that sporty look in your vehicle.

The black three spoke dish design is made from high grade aluminum for added style and performance. Wrapped in high quality suede with red stitching for that aggressive look, the new wheels have a superb feel and look to them.

NRG 350mm Deep Dish (Leather/Camo) Steering Wheel

camo leather black baseball stitch 350mm deep dish

Our comment: If you liked the suede offering above but feel that a leather wheel with baseball stitching would work better for your needs, look no further!

This unique, stand-out 3″ deep dish design has been hydro-dipped in digital camo and will undoubtedly look at home in a quirky interior. We can see this blending in nicely with a stickerbombed dash.

Manufacturer description:The line that revamped our Steering Wheels, and our first ever “reinforced steering wheels”, the spec that ALL of our steering wheels are built to today.

75mm deep, featuring a solid spoke design over the typical circular cut-outs for added material strength, covered in high density injection foam for the perfect grip and wrapped with varies material such as leather, suede, and alcantara.

NRG 310mm Wood Grain Steering Wheel

wood grain 310mm

Our comment: Perfect for smaller vehicles, such as kei cars and roadsters, this 310mm wheel provides a go-kart feel in the cabin.

Whether you want to go for a traditional black look or embrace classic with modern with the neochrome dish, this is an excellent choice for those looking to add a modern touch to a period-correct vehicle.

Manufacturer description:The ST-310 Series Classic Wood Steering Wheel by NRG Innovations®. Add a piece of luxurious wood into your cockpit to make it stand out from the crowd.

The sophisticated design of this steering wheel will let you feel the smooth luxurious wood under your hands. A great product to add style and unique look to any vehicle.

NRG 330mm Classic Wood Grain (Black Spokes) Steering Wheel

classic wood grain 330mm black spokes

Our comment: If you like the design of the wheel above but feel 310mm isn’t going to be big enough, this 330mm wheel is often the perfect choice for drifters and racers alike.

This wheel will likely provide the perfect touch for any retro car, combining a timeless three-spoke design and matte black finish to the dish and a darker-wood outer.

Manufacturer description:NRG Classic Wood Grain Wheel, 330mm, 3 spoke center in aggressive matte black finish, with dark wood outer.

Made from high-quality materials and sophisticated design to let you feel the smooth luxurious wood and the aggressive matte black finish. A great addition to any car for added look and style.

NRG 330mm Classic Wood Grain (Chrome Spokes) Steering Wheel

classic wood grain 330mm chrome spokes

Our comment: If you liked the idea of the 330mm wood grain wheel above, but feel that the matte black center doesn’t suit your interior plans, then this luxurious chrome and wood grain alternative could tick the right boxes.

This retro design pays testament to the classics of yesteryear, with a slightly curved upper for increased hand comfort in everyday driving or race scenarios.

Manufacturer description:NRG Classic Wood Grain Wheel, 330mm, 3 spoke center in chrome, with dark wood outer.

The all new Series, made from high quality materials and sophisticated design to let you feel the smooth luxurious wood and the elegance of chrome. A great addition to any car for added look and style.

NRG 380mm Classic Wood Grain Steering Wheel

classic wood grain 380mm

Our comment: If you’ve got an old-school classic car or a larger vehicle, then this massive 380mm (15”) wheel will likely be the perfect match.

We certainly wouldn’t use it for drifting, but the stunning wood grain combined with the classy, lightweight aluminium center makes for a stunning combination for a retro cruiser.

Manufacturer description:This is a big boy. This wheel was made to be a direct replacement for many of the older vehicle that did not feature options such as power steering, or assisted steering. It’s large, sturdy, and ready for the road.

Thank you for reading our NRG Steering Wheel guide.

NRG Innovations provides a fantastic variety of wheels suitable for any application, from the most miniature kei-style cars to huge, old-school trucks.

We hope we’ve helped find the perfect aftermarket steering wheel for your specific needs with this guide.

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