EVENT: Formula Drift Asia Round 3: Bangkok, Thailand

02/03/20143rd February, 2014

The final stop of the 2013 Formula Drift Asia tour saw the drifting roadshow arrive in Thailand. More precisely, Pathumthani Speedway in northern Bangkok. With the best Thai talent in attendance, along with a smattering of Formula Drift international stars, the pressure was on for the locals to put up a fight and the stars to put on a show.

Fredric Aasbø qualified in first place in the RSR NASCAR-engine’d GT86. He then went on to out Daigo Sato to meet local Thai driver Nattawoot ‘Oat’ Krerpradab in his crazy 800bhp Porsche-fronted FD3S in the final.

After a flawless performance Aasbø came out on top, while Daigo did enough in his convertible Lexus IS to secure 4th spot and his third Formula Drift Asia title. Enjoy our selection of images from the event below…


IMG_0092 copy

IMG_8336 copy

IMG_8556 copy

IMG_0169 copy

IMG_8205 copy

IMG_9789 copy

IMG_9383 copy

IMG_9226 copy

IMG_9507 copy

IMG_9195 copy

IMG_8874 copy

IMG_8835 copy

IMG_8991 copy

IMG_8965 copy

IMG_8948 copy

IMG_9055 copy

IMG_8903 copy

IMG_8582 copy

IMG_9157 copy

IMG_8992 copy

IMG_8822 copy

IMG_8203 copy

IMG_8312 copy

IMG_8355 copy

IMG_8483 copy

IMG_8775 copy

IMG_8683 copy

IMG_9004 copy

IMG_9933 copy

IMG_9809 copy

IMG_9744 copy

IMG_9765 copy

IMG_9934 copy

IMG_9852 copy

IMG_8635 copy

IMG_8611 copy

IMG_8295 copy

IMG_0150 copy

IMG_0187 copy

IMG_0233 copy

IMG_0199 copy

IMG_0202 copy

IMG_9135 copy

IMG_9533 copy

IMG_9599 copy

IMG_9882 copy

IMG_9961 copy

IMG_9987 copy

IMG_9994 copy

IMG_0047 copy

IMG_0213 copy

IMG_0217 copy

Congratulations to Fredric Aasbø for taking the victory!

Photographer: Worrawat Photographer

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