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08/29/201029th August, 2010

S15 Drifting

Hey guys! I wanted to introduce myself as being the ‘new kid on the block.’ My name is Oliver Petalver and I want to thank for allowing me to post my work on the site! I’ve been shooting motorsports for over a year, and my works have been published in Auto Salon Magazine and I currently contribute to and now! Unfortunately for myself, I’ve been on hiatus for about 7 months (because of graduate school), but now that I’m done, I’m excited to get back in to the scene! The last event I shot was Formula Drift Judgement Day 2009, in Irwindale, CA. It was the most exhilarating event that I’ve shot to date. I look forward to covering upcoming events for y’all.

I look forward to shooting various events, and being from Southern California, events are dime a dozen. We have drifting, car shows, drag racing, time attacks, super moto,  & old school classics. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to watch drivers push their limits and slide on the edge of control. You name it, we’ve got it. Let’s not forget the beautiful weather here.

Scion TC Drift

This week, I’ll be shooting two drift events in the local area and will provide coverage of them in the next few days. Living in Los Angeles has provided me the opportunity to attend many events, as well as meet the people behind the scenes. Once again, greetings and thanks y’all! If you get bored, check out some photos at:

Formula D

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