EVENT: JDM ALLSTARS – Wembley Qualifying

08/29/201029th August, 2010

Walton Smith Subaru Drift

Qualifying from yesterdays action at JDM Wembley! Going for a different approach with these shots.
All straight from camera, no level tweaks exposure change or anything, let me know what you think!

10. Walton Smith (Above)

Brad McQueen Drifting Nissan s14 JDM Allstars

9. Brad McQueen

Steve Evans Drifting Toyota Starlet

8. Steve Evans
Check the tire flex on the compression after the jump, surprised it stayed on at all!

Luke Fink Drifting S body Nissan

7. Luke Fink

James Dean Nissan 200sx Drifting JDM Low Brain

6. James Deane

Dan Chapman Drifting PS13 SR20DET Driftworks

5. Dan Chapman

Christy Carpenter

4. Christie Carpenter

Alan McCord Nissan S15 V8 JDM Allstars

3. Alan McCord

Paweł Trela Drifting S13 180sx

2. Paweł Trela

Duane McKeever Drifting RB26DET S13 200sx Nissan

1. Duane Mckeever

Looking forward to todays event, why not come down and watch some of the action?
Visit the JDM Allstars website for more info.


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