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Formula drift

Hello drifting fans, my names David Hintze and I’m a photographer from the USA, more specifically, Washington State.

I’ve always had an interest in photographing cars ever since I got into photography and its always been a creative outlet for me. It all started back in 2009 when I was invited to shoot a drift event for the first time down at our local track Evergreen Speedway. First day out on the track and I was hooked, I had always had fun shooting still cars but this was a whole new level of fun. the smell of burning rubber, cars sliding past you all over the track, and the constant sound of engines roaring.

Ive gotten to know quite a few people since I started shooting drifting events, which is what led me to be accepted to shoot in the 2009 Formula Drift, the 3 pictures above are from that event. Probably one of the funnest photo related assignments I’ve ever shot. Hopefully ill get into this years as well. Lately I was invited to a private event to showcase Dean Kearney’s 2010 Formula Drift 214 and Nick Jimenez’s Pro-am S13.

Got to meet the guys from Intec Racing and their crew, and lemme tell you, Dean’s car has some sweet tricks under the hood.

I would really like to start traveling more and going to bigger events out of state, and even country. I’ve seen some of the craziness that goes on in Japan and it looks like it would be fun to shoot. I shoot a lot of local events at the local tracks to the cars are usually not as flash as you see in the higher end events. With the Pro-Am season starting up and Formula Drift closing in, a lot of new cars and faces are showing up which leads to more opportunities for great pictures.

Evergreen Speedway

Drifting is such a fun sport to shoot, everyone has that serious but relaxed attitude about the whole thing. its easy to get to know people in the sport and become part of the community. Pro-Am is starting up around here so I’m sure ill be posting here often as the season gets going.

Nissan S13

I purchased a Canon 7D last year, and it seems many people in the drifting scene are either purchasing one of these or a 5D MkII, mainly for its video capability. Ive started playing around with video as well and I’ve enjoyed that as well. It’s a challenge trying to do both during an event though, below is one video I did a while back of one of our local events.

Evergreen Drift Demo from David Hintze on Vimeo.

For more pictures and to check out my other work check out the sites listed bellow:




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