CAR FEATURE: ‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky

18th July, 2010 in Joseph Curphey

Hugo from SeventeenBySeven invited me to take some pictures of him drifting as his friends own personal go-kart track. It was alot of fun to shoot at, and Hugo’s car sounds amazing.

Hugo’s car is an AE85, with a turbocharged F20c making 230rwkw. I took a few videos, So I’ll chuck them up on Vimeo or YouTube a bit later.

SSR Longchamps in 15×8.5 -30 (F) and 15×9 -35 (R)

The DMAX front bumper and fiberglass bonnet were removed to try and help keep the engine from getting too hot on the small track.

Yes, That is a Justin Bieber sticker. He’s awesome.

Such a good view from up here. Video to come soon!

More pictures can be found on my blog,

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