D-Spec Skid day

Posted by Joseph Curphey on 17th May in Joseph Curphey.

I woke to a sun shining crisp winters morning with my buddy Roo waiting to pick me up so we could head down to the D-SPEC skid day. As we got there, Jack (the owner of this Zenki) was taking to the track. Unfortunatly, the tire on the front left had come off the bead and sent jack understeering into some bumpy terrain.

Unfortunatly they couldn’t get the tyre back onto the bead, so the guys at Garage H kindly let jack borrow some wheels to chuck of the fronts so he could contiune drifting for the rest of the day.

All of a sudden the weather turned to shit, and the clouds came out and the temperture dropped.

Percy’s Type-X was tearing up once again, taking the heavy down pour in his stride pulling some good angles.

Bee*R firing

The sun then came out and dried up the track for some better driving.

Nick and Simon’s Zenki, I’ll be doing a full feature photoshoot on this car very soon!

Peep the drifted.com sticker!

Just a little preview of some vids to come.

Written by Joseph Curphey

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  • Super cool way to warm a pizza but you can do the same with coffee.
    Cool pics.

  • Great work Joe! Lmfao at the pizza, I’m genuinly looking forward to the full feature!

  • Haha love the pizza-heater! 😀

  • Nice shots Joseph, love the kouki wing sticker placement and looking forward to a full feature!


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