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Posted by Struan Wallace on 1st December in Drifting Videos.

THE KING’s PLAYGROUND from Struan Wallace / Wreckless Inc. on Vimeo.

The KING’s Playground

Video for my brother’s very own automotive playground. Drift, grip, sprint, circuit, basically any type of car fun you can think of. This is a collection of different days we’ve had messing around at the track. It’s a great spot. The surface is pretty slippery so it’s great for amateurs like myself and it saves heaps on tires!

The footage was taken from all sorts of formats even an iPhone 4. Sorry in advance if some of you may find it a little messy. I’m trying new editing techniques.

I put this vid together for my bro to help him rent the track out for automotive events, car clubs, etc.

Kessler crane
Glide track
Canon 7D
Sony EX1
iPhone 4

Song is ‘Boom! Shake the Room’ by Art vs. Science

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Written by Struan Wallace

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  • A lil bit of info on some of the cars as well…

    That white BMW actually is running a corvette LS3 engine. It is a beast..makes me wish i had a V8 in my car.

    The Rockstar R34 is actually an A31 cefiro running a 1JZ.

    The black R33 ute (my car :)) was an A31 cefiro as well back in the day. It used to have an RB26, but that blew and now im just running an SR20.


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