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VIDEO: Superior Imports – All In Gatebil

Posted by Daniel Hovdahl on 25th February 2012 in Daniel Hovdahl, Video

Superior Imports are bringing us an exclusive video. Their All In video, featuring a bunch of top drivers doing what they do best at a private session, during last years Gatebil, held at Mantorp Park. A ton of GoPro’s, a bunch of cars and around 20 minutes tracktime.


Tor-Andre Ringnes – Team Driftmonkey (NOR)

Øivind Øversveen – Team Øversveen drifting (NOR)

Erik Eriksson – www.essongarage.se (SWE)

Olle Hällström – Team Raidopower Motorsport (SWE)

Flemming & Kenneth Alm – Alm Racing Team (NOR)

Daniel Liimatainen – Limmet Drifteam (SWE)

Superior Imports are, or let I say were, a car import company based in Sweden, bringing slick Japanese machinery to Sweden. Although recently, still doing the import thing, they have shifted a couple gears up. Media, being one of their new focus areas for the next few seasons. The All In movie being one of many movies to come from them, also here on Drifted.

So enjoy the video, and expect even more from this partnership for 2012!

Here’s some screenshots for you to feast your eyes on, if the video wasn’t enough!








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Written by Daniel Hovdahl

Daniel Hovdahl

Howdy there folks! 19 years of age, from Norway. Currently studying Film & TV at a school named Westerdals in Oslo – but the passion and what keeps me going at night is making movies of cars doing rad stuff, prefferably sideways of course! Why else would I be here?


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  • 1JZ-Tompa says:

    I can almost smell al that burned rubber trough the screen!
    Cant wait till next season kicks of.

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