2009 For Mez

Hey everyone!

My name is Sam, but everyone calls me Mez. It’s a nick name that has stuck with me since the early days of high school.  I’m 18 years of age and love drifting and filming.

2009 was a really exciting year for me. I was just starting out with my filming and luckily enough for me where I live in Queensland drift days are a plenty! This helped me improve rapidly and I still am!


I really owe alot of what happened in 2009 to friend Luke Fink and Holford Motors. They helped me get to the national events which is where all the action was.

In 2009 I travelled all over Australia here are some of my favourite videos from events.

Morning sessions are ALWAYS fun! Just a chilled out drifting day with friends. Which is what drift should be about.

Ahah Tasmania Drift GP has many a interesting stories. Driving drift cars on the road equals a lot of cop attention. Baskerville is such an awesome track as well. I cant wait to get back there (hopefully this year)
Nigel, Jake Jones & Lukes Daily

In 2009 there was only 1 round of D.A so the atmosphere was intense. Luke looked like he was going to win all weekend and succeeded.

One of the biggest events that happened in 2009 was the Japan trip we took for Ebisu Drift Matsuri. This trip was the definition of fun! There were 11 of us 7 crammed in the smallest van I have been in and the other 4 in a little Paso.
We saw 86’s drift at an all 86 day at Nikko, a MSC round at Maze, fireworks were shot and BB guns fired and of course the main event Ebisu. Myself and Luke made a DVD which is available through our sites. Here is a preview i put together for the guys on the trip
as well as the trailer for the DVD.

The plans for 2010? Well very recently I have upgraded my computer to a brand new iMac which is a nice change from the 6 year old PC I was editing on. I’m excited at being able to shoot in HD and use top of the line editing programs.

I want to get out and film more events accross Australia and improve everything in regard to my filming and editing. Luke and I also plan to release another DVD at the end of the year, with him going over to Europe to drift in the JDM All Stars there should be some awesome footage.


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