700 BHP In The Rain! BMW M3 2JZ Madness

Joe Terrell
12/18/201718th December, 2017
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Got nerves of steel? Let’s put them to the test. Jump into this 700 BHP, 2JZ swapped BMW M3. In the rain.

Monky London takes us on a white knuckle ride of a viciously fast BMW E46 M3.

“We take you on a mental ride in a BMW M3 E46 with Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE engine swap / conversion! 700hp + sequential gearbox + semi slick tires + wet weather = hold on for dear life! Loads of accelerations, exhaust sounds, turbo noises and a few cheeky drifts. This BMW M3 turbo is an absolute monster, no longer running the S54 engine but now the Toyota Supra 2JZ motor!”

“Coupled with a Quiafe sequential gearbox, a rear mounted radiator and numerous other mods this crazy BMW 3 series is nuts! Stay tuned for the full BMW M3 review! Includes BMW M3 drifts, 2jz sounds, burnouts & John action, some say. “

Video by Monky London.

Don’t know what’s so special about the 2JZ? Allow me to educate you.

Allow me to educate you

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