Go Hard or Go Home by Ste 8

I’m sure it’s the same no matter which country you call home. A full season’s competitive drifting takes its toll on a car.

Go Hard or Go Home by Ste 2

Unless you’re pretty well set financially, and incredibly well prepared, come the end of the season your drift car usually looks significantly worse for wear than when you started out.

DSC_2409 copy

Which is why most drivers take the opportunity during the winter downtime to spruce things up, tidy the rough edges and do those fiddly little jobs that you’ve been putting off all year.

DSC_2302 copy

You might even treat the old girl to a lick of paint if you’re feeling so inclined?

DSC_2308 copy

The paddock on day one of the season is a beautiful sight for any drift fanatic.

DSC_2417 copy

You’re greeted with an impressive display of fresh paint jobs, shiny wheels and exciting new liveries.

DSC_2446 copy

(You’ll also notice a large number of tired faces staring back at you from countless nights spent preparing the cars!)


Not to mention those who pour their everything into making sure the events run as planned.

BDC Lydden Hill 2013 Ste 25

So with all of this in mind, you’d think that drivers would want to ease into the season and preserve their newly-prepared machines in pristine condition for as long as possible.

DSC_2546 copy

Don’t be silly. This is drifting.


The mantra ‘go hard or go home’ rings true whether out for the first lap of the year or the last.

DSC_1865 copy

The boundaries of the circuit are there to be tested, skimmed, pushed.

Go Hard or Go Home by Ste 3

Of course there’s the odd unfortunate accident.

DSC_1723 copy

Motorsport is never without its risks.

DSC_2712 copy

But the crucial thing is that you enjoy yourself, whether nailing a clipping-point-perfect lap…

DSC_2635 copy

…or wiping out in spectacular fashion.

DSC_2654 copy

You’ve still got to smile.


You do it because you’re drifting, and when it all boils down this is EXACTLY the reason you poured so many hours into preparing your car.


To enjoy every inch of the circuit…


…and a couple of feet off the edge of it at times.


To push the throttle pedal through the floor…

DSC_2704 copy

…if it means spinning the wheels that little bit faster, or a split second longer.

DSC_1889 copy

Few things are as satisfying as seeing a huge cloud of tyre smoke in your rear view.


To push 110%, even if it means collecting a few battle scars along the way.


Some would argue that they even add character.

DSC_1748 copy

A trip into the gravel might dent your pride.

DSC_1750 copy

But everyone would rather see a driver who’s committed than one who’s cotton-carrying their car around the circuit.

DSC_2848 copy

If the competitors of the 2013 Maxxis British Drift Championship are starting out as they mean to go on…

DSC_2061 copy

…then this year is going to be very special indeed.

DSC_2243 copy

Go hard or go home? There’s only one choice really.

Photos: Jordan Butters, Ian Gratton & Ste Trackslide
Words: Jordan Butters

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