NEWS: 2011 Formula Drift Long Beach Drivers List

03/30/201130th March, 2011

Fredric Aasbo Supra Long Beach

With Round One of the 2011 Formula Drift season approaching fast this tentative driver list has appeared over at Wrecked Magazine –

  • Aasbo, Fredric
  • Abbott, Jeff
  • Aono, Taka
  • Bachis, Odi
  • Brakohiapa, Tony
  • Essa, Michael
  • Feiock, Mike
  • Field, Matt
  • Forsberg, Chris
  • Gallagher, Roland
  • George, Danny
  • Gittin, Vaughn Jr.
  • Graven, Otto
  • Grunewald, Conrad
  • Guild, Josh
  • Gushi, Ken
  • Guthrie, Jim
  • Hettinger, Brad
  • Hubinette, Samuel
  • Jones, Jeff
  • Kado, Ryan
  • Kearney, Dean
  • Lee, Alex
  • Licup, Chris
  • Lonberger, Luke
  • Maeng, Joon
  • Martinez, Cyrus
  • McNamara, Darren
  • McQuarrie, Tyler
  • Mertzanis, Dennis
  • Millen, Rhys
  • Moen, Kenneth
  • Mohan, Kyle
  • Mordaunt, Patrick
  • Ng, Charles
  • Nishida, Robbie
  • Pawlak, Justin
  • Petty, Ross
  • Pfeiffer, Alex
  • Powers, Matt
  • Russakoff, John
  • Skudlarek, Mike
  • Tuerck, Ryan
  • Waldin, Matt
  • Wang, Forrest
  • Wilkerson, Walker
  • Yoshihara, Daijiro
  • Yoshioka, Toshiki

Some interesting inclusions and omissions for Long Beach that we’ve spotted. No Eric O’Sullivan on the line up, he has a new team after joining Ryan Tuerck at Gardella Racing this season, so maybe they are looking to give Eric some more shakedown time with the car before putting him up against Long Beach’s walls? Drifted favourites Dean ‘Karnage’ Kearney and Fredric Aasbo are planning to run a full 2011 season, Aasbo in his new Speedhunters/Need For Speed guise is a strong contender this year. Hawaii native Forrest Wang is on the list, but with Drift Emporium disbanding this year, what car is he running? Finally, notice a new addition at the bottom of the list? D1 star Toshiki Yoshioka could shake things up in the US this year.

What are your predictions for Formula Drift in 2011?

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