EVENT: Pacific Grand Prix Winter Series Round 5

28th March, 2011 in David Hintze

A little rain here in the northwest just doesn’t bother us anymore, were used to it. That was the scene of the last of the winter series of drift at Pacific Grand Prix’s track. The morning brought a number of clouds and shower storms, but that didn’t deter the attendance of the event, which draws more and more drivers and spectators each time.

pacific grand prix drifting 350z

Cars sit in the pits before the event starts, but raindrops make for great photos. Cant complain.

pacific grand prix drifting

Austin Gunderson above in his latest drift machine with added emergency lights (for safety purposes only of course haha)

pacific grand prix drifting 350z

Austin and Andrew Larson is his 350Z aka (tank) doing very well together around the slick wet track.

pacific grand prix drifting 350Z

Andrew again toward the end of the day when the sun broke out a little bit. Not playing faves, but these two cars are some of my favorite to shoot.

pacific grand prix drifting

havn’t got this drivers name yet but he can dish it up at every event, slideways till the end.

pacific grand prix drifting

The popular RWD STI driven by Jason Cancio was back in action again. You can see in the back of the track they have started construction on another expansion to this area, possibly another drag strip for future use.

pacific grand prix drifting

For about 5 minutes the sun broke through perfectly and it was the STI that received the best light of the of the day. A funny side note, toward the end of the day, another blue WRX/STI threw itself in a ditch outside the track entrance. No doubt some envious driver trying the same thing with a stock car.

pacific grand prix drifting

These two drivers were running tandem all day long, inching closer at every turn.

pacific grand prix drifting

Casey Torres really throwing some crazy angles around the track.

pacific grand prix drifting dirt drop

With rain and the small technical turns of the track, dirt drops are always bound to happen.

Despite the mixed weather another great turnout at PGP! For a full gallery of shots check here – www.GwagDesigns.com/pgp031211

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