Silvia S13 LED Headlamps With A Twist

Posted by Joe Terrell on 26th May, 2017 in Drifting Videos.

Now you don’t see this everyday. Yes that is a Nissan Silvia with pixelated cartoon kittens in it’s headlamps..

Battleist is a new motorsports company based out of Australia and is offering some unique motorsports products to help you stand out of the pack.

These custom LED headlights were built as a prototype for their test S13 drift car as.. well a bit of a laugh.

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Official blurb: “That time we made #custom LED headlights for our #s13 test #drift car, because why not. Should we give these away? Convince us! Get tagging! #Battleist make new #technology for racecars.“.

If you’d like to learn more about why so many drifters chose the S13 then check out our 7 Reasons Why The Nissan S13 Is The Best Drift Platform For Beginners article.

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