FEATURE: The Perfect Understated GC8 2.5RS?

11/10/202210th November, 2022

For this feature, we stray from our usual RWD bias and take a look at one of the cleanest GC8’s we’ve ever encountered.

subaru gc8 feature

I’d like to introduce you all to Clarence Vong’s 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS.

details subaru gc8 feature

Clarence purchased this car back in 2010 after graduating high school and has been an avid fan of the Subaru brand ever since. When not being a busy full-time student, he works on cars in his dad’s shop in Los Angeles.

front end subaru gc8 feature

Something about the Subaru GC8 gives me the chills every time I see one on the streets. It is, in my opinion, the best-looking Impreza to come out of the Subaru factory. The C-West front lip, in combination with the beautiful Sedona Red color of the car definitely adds to the menacing yet understated look of this Impreza.

rear end subaru gc8 feature

The rear of the car takes a more subtle approach; JDM tail lights help make this car stand out from the normal US Impreza.

spoiler wing subaru gc8 feature

Clarence spent some time looking for this rare piece; it’s a replica 22b wing. Most people with a GC8 in the United States that choose to change their wing usually opt for the JDM WRX wing as opposed to the 22b adjustable wing.

wheel brakes detail subaru gc8 feature

Moving on to the wheels, the car is equipped with the “coveted” 2004 STI BBSs. They were refurbished in the silver you see above. The car sits on Tein Super Street coilovers. Brembo rotors and calipers stop the car efficiently and without fuss.

close up subaru gc8 feature

Clarence’s engine has been rebuilt with STI rods, pistons, and crank; his GC8 also benefits from an Avo turbo. A 2004 STI 6-speed transmission and differential was recently installed. An STI engine swap is in the works.

rolling shot subaru gc8 feature

Being a daily driver, the GC8 runs a conservative 5lbs of boost, making roughly 220hp to the wheels, which is plenty more than the 165hp the stock 2.5RS makes.

sunlight clean subaru gc8 feature

Future plans for the car includes the STI engine swap and possibly a 22b sheetmetal widebody (as opposed to fiber glass).

clean parking lot subaru gc8 feature

As of right now, having just installed the STI transmission, Clarence is looking to just enjoy the car. He’s taken it to Adams Motorsport Park, just outside of Los Angeles for the appropriate shakedowns.

sun rays subaru gc8 feature

This 2.5RS is the perfect daily, and is Clarence’s pride and joy; there are no plans to get rid of ‘Susie’ the Subie anytime in the near future.

rolling pan subaru gc8 feature

2000 Subaru 2.5 RS USDM Spec:

STI crank
STI rods
STI pistons
2004 STI transmission
2004 STI differential
2004 5 x 100 BBS STI rims
Avo intercooler
Avo turbo
Walbro 255 fuel pump
PP6 piggyback
C-West front lip
JDM rear spats
JDM tail lights
JDM corner lights
Version 6 STI grille
Cusco front camber plates
Act clutch – stage 2
Act pressure plate
Act flywheel
Brembo rotors
Brembo calipers
Stop Tech performance brake pads

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