VIDEO: ASD and Falken – The Road to Atlanta

Formula DRIFT Round 2 was a crazy event. The fans were getting buck-wild and so were the drivers. This Formula DRIFT event I got to see a different side of the action. I followed the Auto Sport Dynamics Falken Tires team and mechanics behind the scenes to capture all of the hard work that they put in to make their team as successful as it is. These guys work non stop preparing their cars for battle. If an ASD car gets into a wreck you can be sure that you will see it back on the track the next day. Take Justin Pawlak for example, he wrecked his ‘Brostang’ into the wall while initiating on Thursday during practice and the next day the ASD mechanics had his car running perfectly for qualifying on Friday. ASD is in my opinion one of the hardest working teams in FD. Check out this video I made for them covering their weekend at Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta.

ASD Falken

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