VIDEO: Pat Cyr’s Hachiroku Sneak Peek

author avatarDan Cyr
04/06/20116th April, 2011
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So, after a long and relatively quiet offseason, things seem to be coming together for all the Drift Posse guys as cars are near completion, and drift events draw ever closer. Pat Cyr has been working long hours in the garage at our house to get his trusty F20 powered hachiroku ready for Formula Drift in Atlanta in a few weeks. He got the motor back in and running, which meant it was time for a dyno test!! I brought a camera along for fun, so I figured I’d cut something up to start getting people excited for one of the few Corollas that will be running in Formula Drift this year.

Destroy and enjoy!!


author avatar Written by Dan Cyr Dan Cyr runs Cyrious Productions, which is the media side of the Drift Posse Drift Team. There are other projects on the side, but the most prominent feature in the Cyrious Productions portfolio is drifting!

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