VIDEO: Tuerck Shreds Burke Mountain

author avatarJordan Butters
12/17/201417th December, 2014
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We’re convinced that Ryan Tuerck has the best job in the world. As well as being an internationally-known Formula Drift driver, he also gets to spend his time making incredible viral films whilst driving some of the sickest roads in the world! In the latest Tuerck’d, Ryan takes on Burke Mountain in Vermont in his 600bhp FR-S street car in style – this touge run isn’t much wider than the Scion itself!

If that wasn’t enough he’s joined by Pat Goodin at the summit, who jumps in Tuerck’s 1JZ S13 and joins him for a tandem session up the pass. Awesome stuff!

author avatar Written by Jordan Butters Writer, freelance photographer. Follow @jordanbutters on Instagram

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