VIDEO: Wreck ‘Em Winton Drift Matsuri

For those not located in Australia, the Vic Drift crew recently held a Drift Matsuri at Winton. Old schoolers and new schoolers from all over Australia made the effort to come out which saw a massive turn out over the two days! Old Schoolers such as Christian Pickering (Rusty s13) Nigel Petrie (Red 180sx) as well as a gang of others used the event to get some good tandem practice in. New schoolers like the Hit N Run crew from N.S.W also made it down! The event is about 3 hours out of Melbourne so majority of the time when there is a drift event you will find that the caravan park down the road from the track full of drifters. This is where the drinking and dance offs come into play 😛

As a thank you for the support that Wreck ‘Em Oh One Oh received we thought we would release this video to the public! (Not really, it was our first time shooting with DSLRS so we had to finesse our technique 😛 )

Camera Operators:
Sam Meredith
Luke Jobson
Daniel Kelly

Edit: Sam Meredith

Song: The Cars – Shake It Up​

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