2010 Lateral Drift Pro-Am Championship Round 1

Posted by Karl on 15th April in Karl San Luis.

Pacho Blanco Nissan S13 Autoplus Motul

Finally, the new season of the Lateral Drift Championship has started. For the Philippines’ premier drift championship, the competition gets more intense as it follows a new format similar to the top racing series in the world: SATURDAY qualifying, then SUNDAY for the actual race of the qualifiers. Also, there are now two divisions for the championship, the Amateur Division and the Pro Division.

The 1st round of the 2010 Lateral Drift Pro-Am Championship kicked off on March 20, 2010. It is very notable too that one of drifted’s contributors, Struan Wallace, is a participant in the amateur division!

Saturday Qualifying was intense, as the pressure for the drivers to qualify for Sunday surmounts.

Nissan Cefiro A31 - 2010 Lateral Drift Pro-Am Championship Round 1

One of the nice looking cars in the competition is this S15 of RJ Obriedo (Pro division).

Nissan S15 Silvia - 2010 Lateral Drift Pro-Am Championship Round 1

After Saturday’s qualifying, the 16 qualifiers for each of the two divisions are as follows:

Amateur Division

As we can see, our very own Struan Wallace has qualified for Sunday, with a ranking of 11th among the qualifiers!

Pro Division

With the following matchups in place, the amateur division got started first. Unfortunate for Struan Wallace though, he got eliminated for the top 8 by Jayson Lao. Eventually, the final four for the amateur division with their respective qualifying rankings were: Mark Rosca (5), Ryan Agoncillo (3), Norman Agojo (9) and Pia Boren (2). Rosca would defeat Boren, while Agoncillo dispatched Agojo to advance to the finals. Agoncillo’s S13 though, was defeated by Rosca’s Nissan Cefiro A31 (Team Forced Speed – Teleserv – Kumho Tires). Norman Agojo of Team Goodyear came home in the podium with 3rd while Pia Boren finished with a very respectable 4th.

For the Pro division, the final four with their respective rankings were: Alex Perez’s S13 with S15 front fascia of Team Yellow Cab (5), Paolo Agregado (6), Gio Rodriguez (7), and Pacho Blanco’s S13 of Team Autoplus Motul.

Here’s Pacho Blanco during the qualifying runs on Saturday.

Nissan S13 Autoplus Motul Pacho Blanco

Unfortunately for Brian Revilla, he would not be able to advance in the final four with his maroon S15.

Nissan S15 Silvia - Brian Revilla

Rodriguez advanced to the finals by defeating Blanco’s mighty 400 plus horsepower S13. Awaiting Rodriguez is Agregado, which has eliminated Perez for the victory.

Rodriguez would take the win from Agregado, while the last spot of the podium went to Alex Perez. Blanco went home with a final four finish on hand, after finishing Round 1.

The race though, was not without controversies. Gio Rodriguez was given a reduction in points as only advancing to the final four because of his violation of the spare car rule. Similarly, Choachuy and Agregado did not earn championship points and instead was handed out his points for being a qualifier in the top 6. The latter had an overtaking maneuver with Atoy Llave was unsafe driving practice which violated the rules for overtaking.

One of the stories of the Round 1 were the cars. Atoy Llave, the owner of the very famous A-toy Bodykits, had one of the unique cars in the competition, a German one: Mercedes-Benz 190E.

Mercedes-Benz 190E Atoy Llave - 2010 Lateral Drift Pro-Am Championship Round 1

Also, there were new cars in the competition for this year. New for this year is this Mazda RX-7.

Mazda RX7

Mazda RX7 - 2010 Lateral Drift Pro-Am Championship Round 1

The following round is on April 17/18, so please support Struan Wallace of drifted! Stay tuned!

Written by Karl

Karl has a very undying passion with cars, specifically motorsports, since 5 years old. He has watched every race of the Formula 1™ season since 1999, when he was still 9 years old. One of his motorsports heroes is Michael Schumacher, whom he has watched in five of his seven seasons as the world driver’s champion.

Karl uses a Nikon D80, and a Sigma 100-300mm f/4.

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  • Hi Angelo!

    I’m sorry about the wrong information. As this reply was posted, the correction has already been done. Thanks for the info!

    BTW. Please kindly disseminate to all your drifting friends and competitors about drifted.com! Little did they know that the drifting competition in the Philippines is already being recognized worldwide 😀

    In the next round, I will be there, hopefully, with drifted.com stickers in my lenshood. I’ll be giving away some stickers too. Thanks to Jord for the stickers!

    See you there and thanks for the information!

  • Hi Struan!

    See you in Clark! Good luck too and do your best!

  • Angelo Tambo

    I won that match with Marron 🙂

  • Struan Wallace

    Hi Karl,

    great write up and awesome photos. Thanks for mentioning me. Unfortunately i was in sydney and couldn’t make the last event.

    I’m now in Singapore filming the Formula Drift here but i’ll be back next week just in time for the next round at Clark. Can’t wait.

    Once again thanks heaps. I’ll see you at clark.

  • Hi Quail and Jord!

    Thanks! 🙂 Jord, I saw your photos from the JDM All-stars. The cars were cool. Unfortunate for Struan, I think he wasn’t able to qualify for the sunday race.

  • Fantastic write up Karl! Love the RX7 shots. Good luck Struan too.

  • Great coverage Karl, and good luck to Struan for Sunday!


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