FEATURE: Team Falken 1JZ S14

Posted by Jordan Butters on 20th March in Features.

Falken drift S14

With progress on the V35 coming along nicely we take a quick look at Matt Carter‘s S14 drift car which is currently undergoing some powerplant changes for 2011.

Matt has chosen to Toyota-power his 2011 campaign also, opting for the 2.5l 1JZ VVTi motor as usually found in the Toyota Soarer JZZ30 and Toyota Chaser JZX100. The 6-cylinder 1JZ and 2JZ motors are proving an incredibly popular swap in drifting worldwide due to their high tunability, strong internals and reliability.

1JZ 200SX 240SX

The motor has been upgraded further with HKS 264 cams, HKS cam pulley and a HKS cam belt.


The engine will be fed by a HKS GT-Pro 3037 turbo, with filtration provided by Pipercross. Eagle eyed amoungst you will also spot the Tial 44 external wastegate perched on manifold.

External Tial wastegate screamer

I wonder if Matt is planning to exit the screamer pipe through the bonnet as per Polo’s previous S14? It’s pretty cool to see the flames blasting up in the driver’s line of sight. Although apparently its no so conducive for keeping the windscreen clean…

Electrics drifting car

As I was visiting the Falken workshop Matt and his brother were just finishing up wiring in the electronic fans for the radiator. Now I myself am useless at wiring, the thought of it gives me shivers….

fire burn blowtorch

….however in my extremely limited knowledge of wiring, I’m sure a blowtorch is not normally used? What is it with drifters and fire?!


Matt’s build is estimated to be completed shortly, with the external aesthetics next on the list. With the V35 in the background making rapid progress that just leaves Alan Green‘s S14 build to complete before Team Falken are ready for the start of the season…..

Team Falken S14

….Has anyone seen Alan?

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  • i would like to get a vvti valve time gear for my 1999 jzx100 toyota chaser i wil be needing a new part still in the box thanks soo much have a good day….

  • william

    where do you get after market 1jz vvti parts? eg top mount manifold?

  • Dan

    a guy here in Christchurch, NZ has built a 1jz ps13, It filled the engine bay much better than the sr he had in it,from all understanding it went in pretty easy with only the exhaust, engine mounts and wiring needing alteration. It was making around 300 rear wheel horsepower on 14psi with only a larger front mounted intercooler as a mod, although i believe now he is putting a larger intake, gt35/40 turbo and 80mm throttle body as well as a new ecu. The guys at NZ Efi thinks he will be in the realm of 550hp, not bad for a build that has only cost 14000 NZD so far. TOYOTA POWER!

  • dan chapman

    awesome shit

    just one thing

    vvti 1jz is a jzx100 on engine not mk3 supra or soarer haha

    good luck matt hope to see u in at for mallory

    • Thanks Dan, that’s my mistake, although the VVTi 1JZ was in the later JZZ30 Soarers.


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