EVENT: Formula D Long Beach Recap

Posted by Zach Meister on 15th June in Zach Meister.

On April 10, 2010, Formula Drift came back to the streets of Long Beach to showdown once again! With an array of people in the car show, and drifting, it was quite an event. With Vaughn Gittin pulling past Rhys Millen in the last run, ( after Rhys spun him out, by the way. ) he won Formula D Round 1!

With lots of new cars out on the grid, including Justin Pawlak in the Falken Mustang, Taka Aono in his new AE86, and Conrad Grunewald in his new Hankook Camaro, it was a really interesting event with a new feel to it.

So now, onto what everyone wants, some pictures!

Fredric Aasbo was out killing it ALL DAY! Huge angle, huge smoke, huge speed. Congrats to him for doing so well that day!

DMac was doing well also. With this shot of the infamous no-emotion track marshall. Guy wouldn’t move if you pushed him onto the track. Not even a flinch when these cars were slapping the wall.

Ross Petty was also out in his newly redesigned Garage Boso/Falken Tire S15. Best looking car in Formula D anyone? Leave a comment with what you think!

Now being a grassroots drifting fan, I had to bring a shot of this guy. Jeff Abbot the Giant ( look him up on Youtube if you don’t know what I mean! ), a privateer in the wild world of pro drifting, was getting thrown up against drivers like Ryan Tureck! Congrats to Jeff for making it to the pros and hold his own!

Formula D Veteran Taka Aono was out in his newly redesigned AE86.

Conrad Grunewald was out ripping in his new Hankook Tires Chevy Camaro!

Last but not least, the man who won it all. Vaughn Gittin Jr. in his new Monster Energy/Falken Tires 2011 Ford Mustang! Congrats Vaughn from all of us at Drifted.com!

– Zach Meister

Written by Zach Meister


  • Haha or when James Deane hit the corn on the wall and shattered his wing right next to him, Ian!

  • Ian Gratton

    He is lucky Darren didn’t take his balls clean off with the big wing he has now LOL.

  • Thanks! Yes, the Marshall is 100%, no fear and likes to watch the pole dancers in the car show during downtime.

  • Ian Gratton

    Good stuff.

    Nice to see that supras seem to be popping up, The guy above, Buffs mental blue one in the UK etc.

    It seemed at one time it was only the Ridox Supra in D1GP but I’m glad this is no longer the case. There are 2JZ engines in all sorts of things these days so its nice to see one in a Toyota from time to time.

    Is that Marshall for real ?

  • Fantastic recap Zach! I hope you have the possibility to cover the upcoming FD event, as Fredric Aasbø, hopefully if all goes to plan, will be bringing mental angles and amounts of smoke again!


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