GALLERY: Formula Drift Las Vegas on Film

Posted by Jordan Butters on 10th September in Guest Blog.

Formula Drift Vegas

Formula Drift Las Vegas is known amongst the drift media as one of the trickiest events to shoot, photography-wise.

Formula Drift Vegas

Ridiculous desert heat combined with an all-night event, bright headlamps and no high vantage points to shoot from make it a real task.

Formula Drift Vegas

The conditions test both photographer and camera. So what better idea than to go all hipster and shoot it on film?

Formula Drift Vegas

Film has a certain ‘look’ and ‘feel’ to it, its the imperfections and the grain that give it character.

Formula Drift Vegas

It’s also the knowledge that the photographer had one chance at that shot. No screen to review the shot and adjust for the next one.

Formula Drift Vegas

Film is both finite and final.

Formula Drift Vegas

The shots may not always be focus-perfect but I’m sure you’ll agree the atmosphere you get from shooting on film cannot be replicated shooting digital.

Formula Drift Vegas

And of course with film comes the excitement of developing your shots, not quite knowing what you’ve got until it’s too late.

Formula Drift Vegas

Stanceworks photographer Cody Lee Brady shared this small gallery of shots with us from the event, we hope you enjoyed them.

Written by Jordan ButtersJordan Butters

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  • Dafne Maris

    Great pictures from the round =DDD specially the one with matt powers car,amazing \o/


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