Not all hard work is it…

Posted by Will Epps on 18th May in Will Epps.

Was just looking through some more of Saturdays Japfest photographs, and stumbled upon this piece of gold…

Starring Josh Allen (left) from JDM and Daniel Bridle (right) from Motormavens.

Feeling the burn boys?

Steve Brooks Film Maker

This is another man many of you may have seen walking round in his bionic suit. Some know him as Stephen Brooks, here’s a little shot of him in action. Hard to believe it’s one man and a camera at times! Check it out some of his work over on his page.

Cheers for reading, more Japfest shots to come!

Will Epps

Written by Will Epps


  • My head has turned into a camera.

    I am cameraman.


  • chunk

    Sooooooo maaaatchhhoooooooo, you gotta beeeeeee, soooooooo mattccchoooo!!

    Brooksie looks like he has clearly seen a non Jap car at Japfest and is just about to ‘drop da bomb’ on it! Pow pow pow!

  • I can’t tell where Brooksie ends and his camera begins. They are one.

  • Josh and Dan prove its all about the gunshow.

    Brooksie proves its actually about the bazookashow.


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