VIDEO: 2011: Finally Wrapped Up

Posted by Dan Cyr on 18th February in Dan Cyr.

Let me start off by saying: I’m really excited about this video. Not because I’m infatuated with myself or anything, but mainly because I got halfway through cutting this video and then had to leave the country as well as my editing behind. I managed to sneak back home long enough to sit down and finish this video, and it was wonderful to finally get it out of my brain!

Anyway, the video. This video is a compilation of all my favourite shots of the year. That being said, after I was finished cutting I felt like there were so many more that I could have put in, but I’m pretty sure that what I’ve cut together is the cream of the crop. Watching all this footage all over again made me really excited for the 2012 season, and I can’t wait to get it started. This year is going to be ridiculous, with some pretty huge tricks up the sleeves, so I hope you guys keep your eyes peeled for more action coming soon!

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::Dan Cyr

Written by Dan CyrDan Cyr

Dan Cyr runs Cyrious Productions, which is the media side of the Drift Posse Drift Team. There are other projects on the side, but the most prominent feature in the Cyrious Productions portfolio is drifting!

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  • yev vasilyuk

    love this site<3

  • Donna Lewis

    I am sooo looking forward to seeing one of these events this summer and meeting both of you, very very cool…

  • Aslak Heining

    really awesome video!!

    Thank you!

  • That’s how you put a whole season in a six minute video. Well done Dan!!!

  • Thanks so much!!

  • Maggie Flores

    Awesome video! 🙂


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