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VIDEO: The Monkeys Are Coming! – Gatebil

Posted by Daniel Hovdahl on 8th June 2011 in Daniel Hovdahl, Video

Drifting | Mona Iris

This film shows the DriftMonkey point of view from the first Gatebil event of the year! Three days packed with driving, drifting, aftertrack and fun! If you have the time and the money, it is something you cannot miss out on!

See you guys at Mantorp, Sweden 17-19 of June!

They Monkeys are coming! – Gatebil from Daniel Hovdahl on Vimeo.

About the author

Written by Daniel Hovdahl

Daniel Hovdahl

Howdy there folks! 19 years of age, from Norway. Currently studying Film & TV at a school named Westerdals in Oslo – but the passion and what keeps me going at night is making movies of cars doing rad stuff, prefferably sideways of course! Why else would I be here?


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  • MItch says:

    Great coverage as ever.
    What equipment you using?

    In addition, Im looking to obtain media passes for such events as BDC, EDC and DMCC next year. Can you give me some pointers on who to contact etc.

    Thanks, your helps appreciated.



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