7 Best drifting videos of 2016

With Christmas just around the corner it seems like the perfect time to look back over our favourite drifting videos of 2016.

We present:

1. Road Fury // ZFGARAGE

When Netflix dropped ‘Stranger Things’ onto our TV’s and devices this summer for many of us it reignited our love and nostalgia for the 1980’s, this first video – ‘Road Fury’ by ZFGARAGE captures that feel perfectly. Combine 80’s nostalgia with some great looking s-chassis, mix in excellent production quality and the finished result is easily worth 3 minutes and 59 seconds of your time.

2. KAMIKAZE DIVE Gunsai Attack

Naoki Nakamura and friends show their talents sliding sideways up the Gunsai touge in some of the most iconic drifting cars of the last two decades. Director Yosuke Suga and his team have done a superb job of making you feel like you are right in there with them. Brilliant!

3. Ken Block’s GYMKHANA 2016

Neither Ken Block nor Gymkhana need any introduction and his 2016 video is bang on form. Just hit play!

4. Tripped Out: Latvia – Drifting in a Soviet Missile Base | Donut Media

Donut Media have absolutely killed 2016 with their creative videos, access to top drifters and huge budgets – ‘Tripped Out’ shows Ryan Tuerck, Kristaps Bluss and Matt Powers drifting an E92, E46 and 350z respectively around an ex Soviet missile base in Latvia. Insanity.


The Drift Allstars Riga event is building a reputation as one of the must-attend events on the European drifting calendar. This well produced video by RobyWorks vividly captures the build up, the parties and the event itself. It looks like a blast!

6. Ferrari-Powered Toyota Doing Donuts w/ Ryan Tuerck

Although it is just a short video, after Ryan Tuerck announced that his new GT86 would be powered by a Ferrari 458 Italia engine videos of the finished conversion running were eagerly anticipated. This type of conversion just isn’t something you see very often. Crank up the volume and enjoy.

As a cheeky bonus video check out Car Throttle’s interview with the builder of the car below:

7. Mad Mike – Conquer The Cape

Insane location. Insane skill. Insane car. Insane production values. Mad Mike Whiddet dropped his Conquer The Cape video back in October and it’s already nearly broken one million views. Brilliant.

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