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10/01/20191st October, 2019
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We have the scoop on the best Black Friday drifting deals for 2019. Been saving for that killer part for your build? Then now is the time to pull the trigger and save yourself some serious cash.

Black Friday Enjuku Racing Deals

Black Friday deals move *fast* so I am going give a quick summary of some great deals that caught my eye. Don’t see something you want? Head over to Enjuku Racing’s website to see the full listings. Hurry – these deals will be gone soon!

NOTE: Some of these items only add the Black Friday discount at the basket, so don’t panic if you don’t see the savings on the product page.

All car deals

These deals are universal parts / gear that are essential for drifting:

Best racing seat deal: Bride Gias II

bride gias ii

Our comment: JDM seat manufacturer Bride is undoubtedly one of the most sought after brands when it comes to aftermarket seats, and it’s easy to see why.

Not only do they look incredible, but they’re also extremely lightweight and comfortable. Their Gias II model will be the perfect choice for daily driving or occasional track use. With deep sides to hold you snug in the seat, you won’t be going anywhere if you opt for these.

Although they’re one of the most expensive seats out there, the quality is up there with the very best and are made with carbon-reinforced polymer for additional strength and weight savings. Now with 10% off on this Black Friday deal you can enjoy some sizeable savings with these high quality seats.

Best steering wheel deal: NRG – Limited Edition 350mm Sport Steering Wheel

vertex 7 star racing steering wheel

  • Manufacturer: NRG
  • Material: Suede with blue stitching
  • Black Friday deal: Was $165.99Now $95.00

Our comment: This smart looking 350mm steering wheel from NRG is the perfect wheel to replace your stock or worn aftermarket item. With a grippy suede coating on the rim and a snazzy blue double holed center, this steering wheel is perfect to liven up your interior and offer improved, tactile feel. Now under $100 on the Black Friday deal this is the perfect time to treat yourself.

Best helmet deal: RaceQuip PRO15 Snell SA2015 Full Face Helmet

RaceQuip PRO15 Snell SA2015 Full Face Helmet

  • Manufacturer: RaceQuip
  • Colors: Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Shell
  • Safety rating: Snell SA2015 Approved
  • Black Friday deal: Was $274.94Now $175.00

Our comment: This FRP Snell SA2015 rated, full face helmet is the perfect “lid” to get your started on track. Offered at a bargain price of $175, this helmet is packed with features and looks fantastic.

Best shift knob deal: Universal Ti Style Metal Shift Knob

shift knob

  • Type: Shift knob
  • Black Friday deal: Was $30.00Now $6.95

Our comment: This lovely “Ti” style metal shift knob is the perfect replacement for your worn shifter. Featuring a universal design with 8mm/10mm and 12mm Delrin self threading insert adapters this shift knob should be suitable for most applications. Now under $7, so why not treat yourself?

Now that you’ve got the basics sorted, let’s look at some car specific deals.

350z deals

Nissan 350z owner? Great choice! Here are our favourite deals to spice up this brawny brute:

Best 350z exhaust deal: ISR Performance EP Dual Tip

TOMEI Expreme Ti 350z exhaust

  • Internal pipe diameter:
  • Tailpipe configuration: Dual 76.2mm exits
  • Primary exhaust system material: Stainless steel
  • Manufacturer: ISR
  • Black Friday deal: Was $350.00 Now $195.00

Our comment: This dual 3″ tipped 350z exhaust from ISR is offers an aggressive look, great tone (it includes a resonator box so it isn’t crazy) and outstanding value for money. Please note that this exhaust will require you to perform a “bumper tuck” in order to give clearance.

Best 350z coilover deal: APEXi N1 ExV Dampers

APEXi N1 ExV Damper Coilover Kit

Our comment: Our first set of coilovers are produced by Japanese tuning giant APEXi. These coilovers are a great out of the box option for a no thrills sports setup. These would be suitable for anybody looking to improve the looks and handling of their 350z for a reasonable budget. They are the cheapest coilovers in our guide and offer good value for money.

Best 350z turbo kit deal: HKS GT Full Turbo kit


Our comment: HKS are a premium Japanese parts brand that only produces high quality components. Their GT series turbo chargers are highly sought after and with these cast iron manifolds you should have no problems. We are Big HKS fans here at Drifted. Now with over $750 discounted, this may just be the perfect time to turbo charge your 350z. BOOOST!

370z deals

nissan 370z

If you are lucky enough to own a Nissan 370z then these deals are sure to get you salivating:

Best 370z exhaust deal: Tomei Expreme Titanium

Tomei Expreme Titanium 370Z Exhaust

Our comment: Weighing in at an insane 13lbs (5.7kg) is Tomei’s offering, despite an extremely impressive 18.8kg weight loss, this single-exhaust system is perhaps not for everyone. If you’re purely weight loss and performance – the Tomei is quite possibly the best choice for the money. However, with the 370Z’s body design made with twin exits in mind – having a single large Jap-style exhaust poking out the rear is an acquired taste.

Featuring far fewer bends than other offerings, the large diameter, high-flow design of the exhaust is fantastic for performance but not so great for those who are after a quieter drive.

Best 370z coilovers deal: KW Variant 3

kw variant 3 370z coilovers

Our comment: Despite being one of the more expensive options on our list, they say that quality comes at a price and the KW coilover kit certainly lives up to that.

370Z owners have been stunned by this offering from KW for some time and the ability to provide great road comfort whilst also setting impressive lap times on the track leaves no questions on why owners are so impressed.

Best 370z supercharger deal: Stillen Supercharger System


Our comment: With their 370Z kit opting for the Vortech V3 centrifugal supercharger which is capable of reaching over 500 horsepower (with supporting mods), Stillen’s 50-state emissions compliant intercooled setup is available for purchase at Enjuku Racing. With a saving of over $785, this could be the perfect time to boost your Z.

BRZ/FR-S/GT86 deals


Are you a BRZ/FR-S owner looking to snag a bargain to help take your lightweight sports car to the next level? Then these are the deals for you:

Best BRZ/FR-S/GT86 exhaust deal: Perrin dual

Perrin BRZ Exhaust

Our comment: Perrin bring you their popular exhaust which features a 3″ internal pipe diameter, a great option for those of you who are looking for a little extra sound, or require extra airflow for pushing out 300hp+ with forced induction.

Perrin also offer a 2.5″ option which would be suitable for those who are looking for a quieter exhaust and have no intentions of going down the forced induction route in the future.

This exhaust has slashed tips which provides a great, stylish look. Combined with epic sounds it’s clear why so many owners have opted for this. If you’re after a medium noise-level with no drone which opens up to be loud when you want it, this is an excellent option.

Perrin are a US-based company with a great customer service reputation and their exhausts include a lifetime warranty.

Best BRZ/FR-S/GT86 coilovers deal: Tein Flex Z


Our comment: Tein bring this insanely good value for money kit to the market, with the price tag you may assume that this is cheaply made, however it is fantastic quality and made in Yokohama, Japan.
Despite being road orientated, this is also a capable track coilover featuring an impressive amount of adjustment. For the money, you’re going to struggle to get a better all-rounder than this. Now with 10% this is the perfect time to change out your old suspension.

Best BRZ/FR-S/GT86 turbo kit deal: GReddy T518Z Tuner

greddy frs turbo kit

Our comment: There’s no question that the Japanese tuning legends know this market well and it definitely shows with their turbo kit. The setup combines perfect fitment alongside with the stunning quality that we’ve come to expect from GReddy over the years.

This intercooled racing turbo system has been quoted as delivering around 90hp by GReddy themselves, but even when ran at the stock 7psi by owners it has often dyno’d well above this. Now with over $445 off, this could be the perfect time to boost your BRZ/FR-S.

Is your car not here? Don’t panic, our friends at Enjuku Racing have you covered with 10% off store-wide and free shipping on orders over $50. If you are looking for some more in depth tuning information then please do check out our tuning guides.

author avatar Written by Joe Terrell founder, motoring journalist and all-round car enthusiast. Read more about Joe and the Drifted team on our about us page.

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