Team Driftshed NI Nissan 180sx Feature

Say hello to Team Driftshed NI. We shine the spotlight on Mark Mcburney’s drift specification Nissan 180sx.

nissan 180sx s13 front bumper

Mark Mcburney the engineer/fabricator from Co. Antrim Northern Ireland spends his weekend’s building and preparing his Team Driftshed NI S13 to get out for a weekend’s sideways action, climbing his way up into the top 16 battles at most rounds.

team driftshed ni

He got started into the sport just over 6 years ago when his brother Philip took him to a local racetrack called Aghadowey in his AE86 Twincam, as soon as he jumped in that seat he knew what he wanted to achieve in the future.

nissan 180sx s13 front wing

So he went out and bought his first drift car which just happens to be the same car he competes in today.

nissan 180sx s13 door

His 180sx started off as a white road legal Japanese import and slowly became what was to be a 2016 Irish Drift Championship, Semi-Pro “Japfest” Round winner.

nissan 180sx s13 wing mirror

nissan 180sx s13 glass

Mark came 9th overall in the 2017 season of the IDC PRO with Mike Fitz also finishing 9th. With a score of 101 points, both men had a fantastic season along with over fifty other pro drivers.

nissan 180sx s13 drifting front

nissan 180sx s13 drifting rear close

In 2016 Mark placed 17th in Pro and 4th in Semi-Pro overall, before his IDC days he was competing within the NI DRIFT AMA series in 2015 where he was crowned: “New Comer of the year”.

He was later asked to be one of the Judge’s of the Series by Ni Drift AMA Founder Con Tinney.

nissan 180sx s13 drifting side

A man with dedication like no other for the sport of drifting I asked Con why Mark was asked to be a judge.

nissan 180sx s13 parked

nissan 180sx s13 vinyl

Con replied “Mark has been part of the series from day one, he is a gentleman and a true legend of drifting with a wealth of knowledge”.

nissan 180sx s13 drifting door

Mark’s brother Philip has his own custom E36 powered by an SR20 which can also be seen in the shot below.

nissan 180sx s13 with bmw

I will be doing another feature in the future on Philip’s story to see what he loves about drifting. I also want to see if there is any competition between both brothers.

nissan 180sx s13 rear

Mark has one of the most unique drifting styles around, he is mostly known for his fast backwards’s entry’s at Mondello Park and at Anglesey in Wales (UK).

nissan 180sx s13 drifting rear far

Did you enjoy that? You’re going to enjoy this!

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Nissan 200sx S13 Specification

Right, let’s get into detail about Mark’s beloved S13 Drift Machine.

nissan 180sx s13 sr20det

nissan 180sx s13 turbo

  • Make: Nissan
  • Model: 180sx S13
  • Year: 1993
  • Power Output: 480bhp
  • Turbo: Garrett GT30
  • Manifold: Custom 6 boost built by Powermax Engineering, Northern Ireland
  • Gearbox: 350z & running an ACT clutch
  • Differential: Cusco 2 way
  • Lock kit/Hubs: WiseFab front & back
  • Rims/Tyres: 17″ Rota Grids with a full set of Westlake tyres
  • ECU: Link – Fury
  • Hydro/Bucket seat: OBP Wilwood Hydro handbrake & Oldskool Jap Eastbear Bucket seat
  • Wheel: Nardi with a full boss kit
  • Bodykit: Full fibreglass Nissan Kouki kit

nissan 180sx s13 wastegate

nissan 180sx s13 interior

Driver information

Now for a little about the driver..

nissan 180sx s13 front

Missile car: E36 TDS

team driftshedni bmw

Before a round of drifting I asked Mark what he would be doing:

“Full car prep, loaded on to the trailer ready for the next day. I cant sleep as I’m usually buzzing before any event” I then asked what Mark does after and he told me “SLEEP …SLEEP & MORE…SLEEP”

Favourite food & drink: “Steak & chips & a can of Fanta pineapple”

jdm cars on ramp

Drifter that inspires you: “Naoki Nakamura and ‘Local talent’, Quinns Motorsport 180sx driver – Damien Wilkinson”.


I hope you enjoyed my first feature and I will have more to follow very soon.

Over & Out
Christopher Shaw

nissan 180sx s13 with bmw mono


Insta: @chrisshawuk
FB: Chris Shaw Motorsport Photography


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