EVENT: BDC Round 5 Knockhill

10/04/20104th October, 2010

Japspeed S15 Nissan Silvia 200sx Drift Knockhill

Last weekend was the final of the British Drift Championship up at Knockhill in Scotland. I’ve been so lucky this season, not one single event I attended had been spoiled by poor weather!

There was a good turn out with a nice wide variety of cars, not just the usual rows of Nissan/Toyota!

Honda S2000

This Honda S2000 was a personal highlight, out with a few other chums from Monster Unit. I never used to be a fan of the S2000 but this one was nice and clean, maybe a few less stickers though… I don’t like stickers…

Go Karting Panning Knockhill

Knockhill has a mini track for some Go Kart action, many a person were attempting a skid or two round the corners!

Mutant Engineering 200sx Nissan Silvia CA18DET

The semi-pro’s qualified on the tarmac behind the drivers briefing room, Saturday was a great day with a great feel for the progression as the drivers start to know the course and feel a little safer entering the corners at bigger angles and higher speeds. Taxi rides were held on the Sunday around the same course, with long queues of people jumping in the cars, being taken for a few laps then jumping out either green, white, or screaming “That was quality!”

Nissan Skyline R32 Castrol

Semi Pro Qualifying

  1. Jamie Kenyon – 87
  2. Ian Phillips – 84
  3. Matt House – 73
  4. Danni Murphy – 71
  5. Rich Tovey – 68
  6. Mark Lappage – 68
  7. John Glaister – 68
  8. Adam Blackwell – 65

Jamie Kenyon MX5 Mazda Miata SR20DET

Jamie Kenyon was working his magic all day and managed to qualify in a well deserved 1st position. The first thing I noticed about this MX was the “wrong” noise it was making. On further inspection it turns out there’s 300bhp worth of SR20DET motor crammed into the bay, brilliant motor!

Nissan Skyline Drift Launch Motorsport

Tom Simpson was on form all weekend, his Launch Motorsport Skyline sounds like pure evil!

WKD Engineering Nissan Silvia

Danni Murphy on the lock stops on the way into Duffus corner, the entry is around 100mph, completely blind, and over crest. A recipe for disaster in some ways but drivers managed to get plenty of nice clean runs after a few practices, but not always.

Jamie Kenyon Mazda MX5 Miata SR20DET

Quite a lot of people ended up in the grass or sand traps, much to the entertainment of the crowd, but not to the delight of the pit crews and drivers. I thought Jamie was rolling when he came off sideways at nearly 100mph, I didn’t catch the shot sadly but Ross Ianson of Speedhunters did however manage to snatch it. You’re a lucky boy Jamie!

The Semi-Pro point scorers from Round 5 were as follows –

  1. Ian Phillips 30 Pts (28 + 2 bonus for qualifying 2nd)
  2. Mark Lappage 24 pts
  3. Rich Tovey 21
  4. Jamie Kenyon 19 pts (6 + 3 bonus points TQ)
  5. Adam Brackwell 18 pts
  6. Matt House 15 pts ( 14 + 1 bonus for Qualifying 3rd)
  7. Danni Murphy 12 pts
  8. John Glaister 10 pts
  9. Phil Maclachlan 8pts
  10. Robert Finn 7 pts
  11. Andy Redmond 6 pts
  12. Belinda Challis 5pts
  13. Andy Stroud 4 pts
  14. Damien Barrett 3 pts
  15. Marcin Klawikowski 2 pts
  16. Jordan Patton 1 pts

On to the Pro Class….

Protuner Onevia Nissan Silvia PS13

Greg Gush storming along the straight section between turns two and three, this is one of my favourite cars from the entire paddock, I just love Onevias.

Team Japspeed driver

Ant “Google” Cahill was running round the pits looking for various parts which got snapped after an all or nothing entry, which kind of went wrong and took out all his kerb side suspension arms and wheels. Finding parts was proving tricky though as most other S-body competitors in the BDC are running the later S14a shape. The wider track and different geometry means the parts aren’t interchangeable, but after a frantic 5 minutes he managed to stumble upon what he was after.


S13 200sx Nissan Silvia Mutant Engineering

His team stole them from “Smiley” Brad at Mµtant Engineering, impressive how quickly these guys work on there cars. Within a matter of minutes Brad’s car was up in the air, parts were off and fitted to Ant’s car all in the time it took 3 other drivers to qualify, impressive stuff. Ant went out for his runs and came back into the pits, parts were removed once again and Brads was back doing his passenger rides in no time much to the delight of the girls wanting a go in “the pink car!”

Japspeed S15 Dirt drop drift Nissan Silvia

V8 RX7 MPH customs

Most drivers had the odd scuffle with the dirt at some point of the day, and each time someone had a brief encounter with the rough stuff zip tied bumpers liked to go for a wander…

Leaving body kits here there and everywhere! The above shot is one runs worth of damage!

Nissan Skyline R33

Simon Perry has a slightly off beat first qualifying run, followed by a 95 point second qualifying run, getting him the top spot!

Driftworks Nissan Silvia S15 2JZ Engine Conversion

Phil Morrison was close on Perry’s tail with a 94 in qualifying, as the championship stood so close even the extra point or two from qualifying could make all the difference!

Pro Class Qualifying

  1. Simon Perry – 95
  2. Phil Morrison – 94
  3. Paul Smith – 90
  4. Declan Munnelly – 89
  5. Mark Luney – 85
  6. Keith Hammond – 80
  7. Steve Whitbread – 79
  8. Shane Lynch – 76
  9. Gavin Cummings – 76
  10. Stephen Biagioni – 76
  11. Matt Carter – 76
  12. Danny Eyles – 73
  13. David Waterworth – 70
  14. Ashley Stevens – 67
  15. Jarack Federica – 61
  16. Julie Robinson – 53

Nissan Silvia S15 200sx twin turbo v8 engine conversion

Shane Lynch Nissan Silvia S15 200sx Twin turbo V8

Shane Lynch of Team Japspeed/Stobart was there with his twin turbo v8 powered Silvia, he was being filmed by ITV film crew all day for a new documentary with plenty of drift footage in let’s hope! He was driving flawlessly all day, I doubted Shane’s driving at first in all honesty. I thought he’d be the pop-star that brings in the sponsors, but he was one of the best drivers I’d seen all weekend, I didn’t see him make a single mistake, and as far as I recall he may have been one of the only people to have a clean sheet throughout the day?

Ford Escort Drift

Declan Munnelly was using a different technique to most into the third corner, where most drivers would use a hand full of wand to slow the pace, Declan gave it some “manfoot” coming out of turn two then used his extra momentum to take him to the corner speed scrubbing, completely off the power and handbrake! It was a brilliant technique and I don’t think many noticed, this deserves credit!

Mark Luney Supra Mk4

Luney had some technical problems after qualifying 5th he managed to blow the oil pump and in turn put a hole the size of a fist in his sump, it was a real shame as he only took a hand full of runs, the second of which resulting in the above photo. A quick learner mixed with raw driving talent!

Nissan Silvia 200sx S14.5 Team Green

There wasn’t much left of the bumper in the body kit graveyard once Team Green’s Matt Carter had a swipe at it!

Japspeed Skyline owners Nissan Silvia Skyline

In the battle for second Perry just lost out to Danny Eyles, but he could still get on the podium with a win against Dec Munnely in the battle for third.

Nissan R33 Skyine Ford Escort Mk2

Which he won, placing Perry 3rd on the podium!

Driftworks Japspeed Nissan silvia 2jz conversion

Danny Eyles and Phil Morrison battled it out for the first and second places on the podium. But not only that as Phil had the entire series on his shoulders, in order to win the championship he had to beat Danny, watching Danny go all out whilst Phil needed the points was great to watch!

Driftworks Nissan Silvia S15 200sx 2JZ engine conversion Japspeed

But after a few extra decision aiding runs the winner of the Knockhill round of the British Drift Championship was crowned, Danny was going all out into the last corner, slightly overshot and landed in the gravel, giving Phil a 10-0 win at round 5!

BDC Round 5 Knockhill Podium Danny Eyles Phil Morrison Simon Perry

Pro Class Result

  1. Phil Morrison 30pts (28 for the win + 2 for 2nd place qualifying)
  2. Danny Eyles 24
  3. Simon Perry 24 pts (21 for 3rd + 3 for top qualifying)
  4. Declan Munnelly 18pts
  5. Shane Lynch 16 pts
  6. Gavin Cummings 14pts
  7. David Waterworth 12pts
  8. Jarack Federico 10 pts
  9. Paul Smith 9 pts (8 pts + 1 for 3rd place qualifying)
  10. Keith Hammond 8pts
  11. Steve Whitbread 8 pts
  12. Matt Carter 8 pts
  13. Stephen Biagioni 8pts
  14. Ashley Stevens 8 pts
  15. Julie Robinson 8 pts
  16. Wayne Keeber 8pts
  17. Mark Luney 8 pts (Qualified but unable to compete in battles)

After a tense and exciting final round the British Drift Championship 2010 comes to a conclusion. The final season standings are as follows –

Semi Pro Championship Standings

Pos Car no Driver name 1 2 3 4 5 Total
1 30 Ian Phillips 17 30 27 30 30 134
2 68 John Glaister 0 19 28 21 10 78
3 66 Matt House 24 12 6 6 15 63
4 58 Jordan Patton 28 7 14 12 1 62
5 31 Mike Cooper 24 14 0 19 0 57
6 33 Phil Maclachlan 5 21 22 0 8 56
7 27 Martin Griffiths 20 10 20 5 0 55
8 11 Adam Blackwell 0 25 2 0 18 45
8 52 Rich Tovey 10 5 8 1 21 45
9 70 Mark Lappage 0 0 16 0 24 40
10 61 Dannielle Murphy 3 4 5 15 12 39

Pro Class Season Standings

Pos Driver name 1 2 3 4 5 Total
1 51 Phil Morrison 31 24 0 18 30 103
2 99 Simon Perry 26 16 10 24 24 100
3 34 Declan Munnelly 8 23 19 19 18 87
4 64 Mark Luney 14 12 24 28 8 86
4 3 Shane Lynch 8 24 28 10 16 86
6 7 Danny Eyles 22 28 0 8 24 82
7 14 Matt Carter 10 8 8 21 8 55
8 10 Paul Smith 18 0 8 13 9 48
9 9 Gavin Cummings 8 8 0 8 14 38
10 34 Ashley Stevens 4 8 8 8 8 36

Congratulations to Phil Morrison for taking the Pro Class and Ian Phillips the Semi Pro Class! Next season seems a long way off but Drifted will be following the BDC in the off-season bringing you news of the cars being built and the faces and names to look out for in 2011.


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