EVENT: Driftmania Canadian Championship Round 5

09/08/20108th September, 2010

s14 silvia nissan briggs

Back again with Canada’s latest drift event, the Driftmania Canadian Championships Round 5. From amateurs to professionals, we were promised some wild action back into our hometown of northern Montreal.

Hidden Vette

Waiting for the action to begin, I wandered around searching for drifting leftovers, and found a few legitimate contestants that would have been great to see roaring on the track!

BFGoodrich 350Z

As the burnouts began, the BFGoodrich team let it all rip on track creating walls of smoke comparable to no other car out there.

Line Up

We did have a nice lineup of drifters this round but unfortunately were missing a few due to accidents/mechanical issues.

Cyr's AE86

Patrick Cyr, the number 86, coincidently riding an AE86, never fails to impress us. He delivers every time with huge angles, and intense tandems as a follower and leader. After giving it a good final run, he easily grabbed 4th place.

Dedication Boy

Yes, they learn it very early.

Waldin's 350Z

Matt Waldin, AKA The Wolf #23, one of the most consistent drivers out there. With his mint 350Z he takes chances and succeeds. We weren’t surprised when he picked up 1st place with an unscratched car.

Amateur TriTandem

During the break we lucky to get some action from the youngsters of drifting, the amateurs. They had fun and actually impressed the whole audience with some impressive 3 man tandems.

BFGoodrich 350Z

Unfortunately #22 Claude Poirier couldn’t make it to the top 16 because of a mechanical failure but flawlessly drifted during practice.

Landreville's S14

#11 Marc Landreville, an unbeatable man, a young and talented driver who isn’t scared of loosing control to maximize his points. (Image: He actually continued the drift, landing him a 2nd place)


Round 5 just delivered, with flip-overs, yes you heard me well, flip-overs, broken frames, and popping engines. We had the chance to see some of the craziest tandems and unreal rain drifting scenes!

1st: Matt Waldin 350Z #22

2nd: Dominic Desrosier R33 #69

3rd: Marc Landrevillle S14 #11

Round 6 is still to come!


Karel Chladek

Full Set of Images Here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/karelchladek/sets/72157624904332892/

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