EVENT TEASER: BDC Round 5 Knockhill

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09/25/201025th September, 2010
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Nissan Silvia RB

Just a teaser of what’s to come…A few shots from todays open track session, Team Japspeed driver Danny Eyles coming out of Taylors, and proceeding to Manji all the way down to Duffus, where the track falls off right and entries are completely blind, takes some guts shall we say!

Japspeed S15 Silvia RB

Duffus was then smoothly linked through into McIntyre leaving long clouds of smoke behind!
Really looking forward to this weekend, Knockhill is a brilliant track with lots of level dynamics so there will be some brilliant skidding!

smoke drifting knockhill

Danny’s smoke a good minute later and still no sign of clearing!
Head down on Sunday 26th September, gates open at 09:00! For more event info check out www.knockhill.com

Do your best to make it down, and if you do we’ll see you Sunday!


author avatar Written by Will Epps

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