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07/21/201121st July, 2011

Nissan 200SX Silvia S15 Hello Drift Kitty

The owner of this Hello Kitty themed S15 is Tasha, a 28 year old German, living in Swabia, the region around Stuttgart. When shes not working on her car, she works in a video store and worked as a hostess for Alpine Audio, Eibach and Toyo Tires. Her former boyfriend, Andy, develops automotive solutions for Mercedes, but is totally into Japanese cars and performance.  Tasha always wanted a street legal JDM car, so in 2005 she imported this beast:

Nissan Skyline R34 Drift

After she sold the Skyline in 2008, she was looking for a good base for a “Hello Kitty” project. She bought a yellow S15, but swapped the yellow one for a red one a month later, because the red one was already equipped with some drift goodies. The car had some minor modifications on the engine, a roll cage, a complete Apex N1 setup and a FMIC. Soon after the S15 arrived, she started transforming the red sleeper into a pink show winner.

She brought the S15 to the paint shop and prepared it for the painting. The design was meant to be created in vinyl, but after it didnt look as expected, she decided to go for airbrushing. Her dream base paint was the yashio factory pink, but since the colortone is a well guarded secret, she decided to go for a similar tone.

After the paint was done she had to hurry to make it to the seasons first expo. They finished the day before the exhibition started. The 2009 season ended on a Hockenheimring trackday when the piston rings decided to quit on her. Now it was about time to swap the engine, and a bunch of RB30 engines from Australia had just arrived at Andys garage, so they decided to go for an RB30. After another season the first RB30 give up because of hard conditions (bad mapping, bad oil flow, hot temperature) on the Nürburgring, so another engine was needed.

Tasha working on her Drift Kitty, a true female mechanic ;)

After some troubles, the couple split up, but stayed close friends, so Andy did his best to build up a new engine setup for her. After all the time he spent on building the car, he felt the S15 was “his” show car, which represents his skills in engineering, so he decided to go for it all and build an uber-RB30.

Yashio Factory S15 taillights

On the rear, they changed the stock taillights for LED Yashio Factory taillights.

The Yashio Factory taillights are modern and classy

The taillights are modern and classy, a good choice.

the Kitty watches that no children climb in the exhaust

Hello Kitty looks out for small children who may want to climb in the GT-R exhaust.

The first thing which was modified: The Steering wheel with a Kitty on it

The first thing that was modified: the steering wheel with a Hello Kitty horn button.

Form < Function on the interieur

In the interior, form follows function: a Bride seat for Tasha and a stock seat for the passenger, although soon there will be two similar seats.

Another Hello Kitty on the door

Haters welcome: Tasha is proud of her car.

Modified to match the german law: the carbon fibre wing

Modified to match the german law: the carbon fibre wing.

Ultralite rims with brembo brakes

The Ultralite rims are great looking on the S, the braking system consits of Brembo, Nissan Skyline and Project Mu parts.

Nissan 200SX S15 Hello Drift Kitty

The color is unique, the shop needed days to create the pink effect paint

Nissan Silvia S15 Drift Kitty

The exterior of the car looks perfect, no dents, no scratches, every part fits perfectly. (If you don´t mind the paint)

The "S" stands for Silvia

The “S” stands for “Silvia”, the S15 was the last car in the Nissan s-series: S12, S13, S14(A) and the S15.

Details over Details

On the rear bumper is a small name tag: “Drift Kitty”

Nissan 200SX Silvia S15 Drift Kitty

This Kitty can bite! With around 500hp, its not as cute as it may look.

The paint job is well done, but not every one likes it

The engine is now on a (very) low boost setup because the final mapping is still missing, but it already pushes 450 hp and 530NM. With the final goodies (bosch fuelpump, crank, new exhaust) and the mapping, it should be around 600+ hp.

Engine & Transmission

RB30 with custom mounts (to get the lowest and best weightratio)
HKS GT2530 TurboWiseco 86mm pistons
Forged RB30 rods with ARP bolts
ARP RB26 head studs
block rehoned and oil passages machined by hand with a dremel to support oil drain from the head
blocked rear oil feed to the head, also fitted a tomei oil gallery orifice to the front oil feed
ACL race main bearings with calico coating
ACL rod bearings
nissan N1 oil pump
stock RB26 water pump
oil pan modified to clear s15 front crossmember, now holds about 5l of oil
modified alloy radiator (so water has to cross the whole thing)
custom FMIC piping
greddy FMIC core
APS high volume twin vent BOV
custom twin turbo pipe (divider welded in)
custom air intake (one filter feed front and rear turbo)
custom driveshaft
tomei reytec airflowless ECU (MAP sensor)
RB engineering 1000cc injectors
K&N air filter
battery moved to the trunk (for space reasons and also to get more weight on the rear axle)
Fujitsubo 3″ exhaust
greddy downpipe
r34 stock dump pipes
AEM wideband
R34 GTR stock fuel pump
rb30 crank balanced and custom crank collar fitted
compression ratio 8.7:1
R33 GTR front brake calipers with 2-piece Project Mu rotors
tomei metal head gasket set
greddy profec boost controller
Ogura twin plate racing clutch


Apex N1 suspension
cuscotie rods
brace bar
strut brace


Depo Racing 4-in-1 gauge (boost, voltage, oil pressure+temp)
Yashio Factory drift spin knob
Alpine headunit & speaker
Nismo gauge cluster
greddy temp gauges for water + transmission oil
REV speed meter
cusco rollcage
Bride seat
tons of ” hello kitty” stuff


carbon fibre wing (modified to make it streetlegal)
Origin Stylish Bodykit
custom paint in pink
Hello Kitty airbrushes
Ultralite GT-II rims (8.5×18 ET30 with Toyo Proxes R888 225/40R18 front, 9.5×18 ET30 with Toyo Proxes R888 255/35R18 rear)

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