GRASSROOTS: The Season Is Not Over

01/09/20119th January, 2011

Cordele, Georgia… Watermelon Capital Speedway…. Need I say more?

Despite being in the middle of nowhere and about 3 hours out of my comfort zone, the day started off really well. The guys from Lethal Injection can pretty much tear it up anywhere. What surprised me about this group was that just about every time I saw the same car out on track, a different driver was in it. It made it for a very varied and interesting day.

Some of these guys are just starting out in the drifting world. They’re already getting the lines, motions and flow down. All types were here; first timers at their first drift event, as well as the guys who know their cars from top to bottom. Being an invite only day, the only way to get an invite is to be a customer of Lethal Injection. These guys learned so much and had tonnes of seat time. Derek McLaughlin, the owner of Lethal Injection, puts these days on to show appreciation to his customers and help them out to be able to learn all out their cars.

Lethal Injection Motorsports is a performance upgrade and full service maintenance automotive shop based out of Alpharetta, Gerogia. With Lethal being one of the only shops in and around Atlanta that offer full service upgrades, you can go to get you car’s engine rebuilt, tuned on their in house dyno, painted and back out the door ready for the track.

Above, Lethal Injection driver Nick Ward hit the bank hard. Being able to see this so up close as he slid down towards me was such a rush.

Lethal Injection Practice Day from Kenny Freeman on Vimeo.

Thanks to Lethal Injection for inviting me out, I can’t wait for the next one. I hope next time you guys will be getting some tandem action going. Visit them at

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