Is An Audi A Good Choice For A First Car?

There is something undeniably ‘special’ about our first car. Everybody remembers their first, regardless of how frequently it broke down on us or how gaudy it might have looked.

audi r8

But your first car doesn’t necessarily have to be an embarrassment. Indeed, with the advent of personal leasing from online establishments like Zen Auto, your first car could end up being a keeper. It could even end up being an Audi!

Audi is a name synonymous with style and luxury, but that doesn’t mean it’s a brand beyond your reach. Indeed, more young people than ever before are turning to the four circles as their first choice for a first motor, and with good reason.

They look good – There’s a reason why Audi has built up a solid reputation as being so unobtainable. They might not be the most ostentatious vehicles on the road, but they have a subtle elegance to them that is impossible to deny. For your first car, you want to be making a statement about yourself and if you want to look good without showing off there is truly no car like an Audi.

They feel good – Audi interiors are legendary and they are not only built for comfort but for convenience too. There is an ergonomic principle behind the design of every Audi car and if you are a ‘first-timer’ you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your car. So, comfort is very important.

They are at the cutting edge – Always a brand renowned for putting the latest and greatest tech in their cars, Audi will always be a brand with entertainment and connectivity at thaw forefront. As a car for teenagers, that’s a major bonus. The MMI infotainment system also remains a cornerstone of dashboard tech.

They offer something for everyone – Whereas some brand favour sporty models or family hatchbacks, Audi offer a little bit of everything. The A3 and A4, for example, are classic motors through and through, whilst the RS3 and R8 favour the snappier and sportier end of the market. Whatever your tastes, there will be an Audi that suits them.

They save the world – OK, that might be an overstatement (though Tony Stark does drive an Audi), but Audi are environmental pioneers. Their diesel engines are some of the cleanest in the world, with fuel economy that efficiency that’s off the charts. They are also one of the leading developers of  electric and hybrid cars. So, for the millennial that genuinely cares about the environment, there are few other brands that cut the mustard.

Buying an Audi as a first car might seem like a major investment, but it will hold its value and it will always be a reliable and attractive option for those dipping their wheels onto the open road for the very first time.

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