Product Spotlight: Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports Team Chair by Noblechairs

Noblechairs have been in touch to share with us their latest gaming chair; The Mercedes-AMG branded Esports chair.

Noblechairs mercedes-amg esports gaming chair

This slick looking chair is built upon the award-winning foundation of Noblechairs EPIC Series and adds elements of the style and branding of the latest F1 Mercedes-AMG car.

Noblechairs mercedes-amg esports gaming chair

The seat arrives in a cool looking, large black box (with some assembly required). It took me around an hour to carefully put it all together and the finished result looks great.

Noblechairs mercedes-amg esports gaming chair

The leather is Vegan friendly and nice and soft. The piping accent is smartly done and the embroidered logos look great. The Mercedes stars also look great. I’d have preferred if they used real carbon fibre for the seat trim accents, but the fake weave looks pretty convincing.

Personally, I would have changed the colour of the harness hole protectors to black but that’s just to my taste.

Noblechairs mercedes-amg esports gaming chair

Because it’s based on the EPIC Series of seats this AMG offering is extremely adjustable; lumbar, rake, height and arm rests off many different configurations. This seat is rated for long office hours so should be a great fit for long car part research or gaming sessions.

Noblechairs mercedes-amg esports gaming chair

The level of adjustability means that you should be able to find the perfect seating position regardless of your size or build. I got it sitting just right for me, in about an hour of testing it.

Noblechairs mercedes-amg esports gaming chair

The arm rests are rubberised plastics and are comfy to use.

Noblechairs mercedes-amg esports gaming chair

In terms of comfort the seat is impressive. I normally use a trusty old CAB office chair but this AMG seat is definitely making me think about upgrading.

I’ve lived with this seat for a couple of days and I am very happy with it.

Noblechairs mercedes-amg esports gaming chair

I give this chair 4.5 / 5. I only have minor gripes overwise it would be the perfect chair. As it is, I would highly recommend it. You can pick your chair up at Overclockers.

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