Ultimate Mazda RX-8 Coilover Guide

We review the most popular Mazda RX-8 coilovers available on the market today, from budget to pro. This is the ultimate RX8 coilover guide.

mazda rx8 coilovers

In a hurry? Here is our RX8 Coilover summary

Budget Choice Drifted Choice Premium Choice
tein flex rx8 coilovers kw rx8 coilovers moton rx8 coilovers
TEIN Flex Z RX8 Coilovers KW Variant 3 (V3) RX8 Coilovers Moton Club Sport RX8 Coilovers
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In the present day, the Mazda RX-8 is undoubtedly one of the most impressive bargains on the market and could potentially end up being one of the biggest bargains you’ll ever be fortunate enough to buy.

With proper rear-wheel drive, high-revving manual gearbox JDM sports cars becoming more expensive than ever, many enthusiasts are scared of the maintenance requirements of a rotary and the gas bills that come with it.

However, what if those don’t bother you? Perhaps you want a cheap, yet stylish daily, an affordable drift car, or you maybe even want to strip it down to build a bargain project car? The RX-8 really does tick so many boxes.

Thinking of engine swapping a cheap RX-8 with a blown engine? You will definitely want to invest in a set of coilovers to help manage a heavier (V8?) lump. The same goes for adding forced induction, the extra hardware is going to mess with your RX-8’s precise balance.

We stated in our RX-8 exhaust guide that it comes down to looks, sound, and price when it comes to choosing the perfect option.

However, coilovers are a little more complicated.

slammed rx8 drifting on coilovers

We highly recommend setting aside a decent budget, unless you’re planning on slamming it on its ass without too much concern with handling or durability.

However, if you’re doing anything else, you’re going to want to go with something that ticks as many of the right boxes for you as possible.

We’ve covered everything in our guide, from those who want to throw the car down sideways, scrape their way along the ground to the local meet, have a perfected canyon carver which can still do the school run or shave valuable milliseconds off on your time attack monster.

In this guide, we’re going to cover the cheapest coilovers on the market to one of the most expensive and pretty much everything else in-between.

Let’s take a look at our Mazda RX-8 coilover selection

To read more about any of these products simply click on the coilover name or photo.

Fortune Auto 500 RX8 Coilovers

fortune auto rx8 coilovers

  • Manufacturer: Fortune Auto
  • Levels of damping adjustment: 24
  • Construction type: Monotube
  • Spring rate front: 10kg/mm
  • Spring rate rear: 6kg/mm
  • Fitment: Mazda RX-8
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your Fortune Auto 500 Series coilovers here

Our comment: Fortune Auto’s products are always a consistently popular choice in the tuning scene. Bringing their wild color schemes along with excellent quality and reasonable prices, it’s easy to understand why.

Fortune Auto take pride in the amount of customization they offer to their customers. If the stock spring rate isn’t ideal for your needs, or you’d prefer to have the swift spring upgrade, speak with Enjuku Racing and we have no doubt they’ll provide whatever you may need.

These are a great choice if you’re looking for a coilover for daily use which is still capable of performing well at the track. With several custom options available, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find the perfect set up to suit your needs.

Manufacturer description:Research on the racetrack has helped us develop the Fortune Auto 500 Series into a great all-around shock absorber. Using high-quality components that meet our strict standards allows us to optimize comfort, reliability, and longevity.

At Fortune Auto, we approach the science of suspension with a mentality of customization that has raised the industry’s standards of performance.

Stance XR1 RX8 Coilovers

stance rx8 coilovers

  • Manufacturer: Stance
  • Levels of damping adjustment: 15
  • Construction type: Monotube
  • Spring rate front: 9kg/mm
  • Spring rate rear: 6kg/mm
  • Fitment: Mazda RX-8
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your Stance XR1 coilovers here

Our comment: You might think that based on the name, these are purely for frame-laying your car and purely getting it as low as possible, but that’s not the case.

Despite being capable of some serious lows, these aren’t a crashy, uncomfortable ride like you may suspect. These are a great all-round coilover for everyday use.

We highly recommend considering the swift spring optional upgrade to make the most of this kit.

Manufacturer description:Stance XR1 Coilovers are our standard single way adjustable coilover. The XR1 is very similar to our Super Sport line, but due to the constant development of our products, has been improved in many ways. The build and material quality has never been higher.

Newly designed pillowball and bushing materials increase longevity and performance. The range and consistency of the XR1 damping forces are also greater than previous Super Sports.

BC Racing BR RX8 Coilovers

bc racing rx8 coilovers

  • Manufacturer: BC Racing
  • Levels of damping adjustment: 30
  • Construction type: Monotube
  • Spring rate front: 8kg/mm
  • Spring rate rear: 6kg/mm
  • Fitment: Mazda RX-8
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your BC Racing BR coilovers here

Our comment: It’s the first coilover kit under the $1k bracket in our guide so far, and it’s from BC Racing’s extremely popular BR series. We’ve seen many happy owners running these, and they’re definitely a great bang-for-your-buck offering.

These are great if you’re looking for a simple street coilover with plenty of adjustabilities. With the swift spring option, these are a fantastic potential choice for the price.

If you’re looking for a more track-orientated coilover, their high-end BR Racing ER coilovers with external reservoirs are worth checking out.

Manufacturer description:The components you use directly affect your vehicle’s performance, and that certainly includes your suspension system. These Toyota GT86 coilovers are perfect for street driving and occasional road course duty.

With easily accessible adjustment knobs for fine tuning your compression and rebound, as well as separately adjustable ride heights, having a high-performance coilover system has never been easier.

TEIN Flex Z RX8 Coilovers

tein flex rx8 coilovers

  • Manufacturer: TEIN
  • Levels of damping adjustment: 16
  • Construction type: Twin-tube
  • Spring rate front: 7kg/mm
  • Spring rate rear: 5kg/mm
  • Fitment: Mazda RX-8
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your TEIN Flex Z coilovers here

Our comment: JDM tuning legends TEIN have certainly stood the test of time, and are one of the well-known suspension companies in the tuning scene.

The Flex Z is their latest in a range of extremely competitively priced setups and despite the price, they’re still made in Yokohama, Japan with their typically exceptional eye for quality. The difference with these is that they have reduced their costs by making the body a sealed structure. This may initially sound like a bad idea, but at the price, it’s often more expensive to get a coilover system rebuilt than buy an entirely new one!

Despite being road orientated, these are also an extremely capable track coilover. These are also compatible with TEIN’s EDFC electronic damping system, which allows you to control the damping from inside the car at the touch of a button. You’re going to struggle to find a better setup for your money than what these have to offer.

Manufacturer description:TEIN Flex Z Coilovers are the latest in TEIN’s generation of high end coilovers. The difference with Flex Z is that you are getting a coilover that would normally cost almost double the price.

The new manufacturing systems that TEIN has put in place with this line of coilovers has allowed for them to produce these coilovers at a lower price and pass that savings on to you. Quality and performance remains top of it’s class and TEIN builds these Flex Z coilovers with the highest quality standards in Yokohama, Japan making these a true Japanese JDM coilover system.

TEIN Street Basis Z RX8 Coilovers

tein street rx8 coilovers

  • Manufacturer: TEIN
  • Levels of damping adjustment: N/A
  • Construction type: Twin-tube
  • Spring rate front: 5kg/mm
  • Spring rate rear: 4kg/mm
  • Fitment: Mazda RX-8
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your TEIN Street Basis coilovers here

Our comment: You’d be forgiven for wondering why we’re specifically reviewing two sets of the same brand, but we just couldn’t help but notice the insanely cheap price of TEIN’s entry-level kit.

These are of course a basic setup and don’t feature dampening adjustment, but you can still count on TEIN’s typical JDM quality to shine through in all of their products.

We’ve found many happy owners that just wanted to do basic tweaks to their ride-height who are delighted with this setup. For less than $600, it really is a steal.

Manufacturer description:The TEIN Street Basis damper is the evolution of the popular BASIC coilover. Developed to provide a sporty ride feeling and aggressive stance. The shortened shell case design provides optimum damper stroke at lower than standard vehicle ride height. Vehicle ride height is adjustable via the ZT coated threaded sleeve.

Updated internal components and external coatings increase durability and product life. Street Basis dampers are great for daily driving and spirited driving for all types of drivers. Made in Japan under strict quality control standards and developed by highly trained suspension engineers.

KW Variant 3 (V3) RX8 Coilovers

kw rx8 coilovers

  • Manufacturer: KW
  • Levels of damping adjustment: 14
  • Construction type: Monotube
  • Spring rate front: 455 (lbs/inch)
  • Spring rate rear: Rear Spring Rate: Progressive
  • Fitment: Mazda RX-8
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your KW Variant 3 (V3) coilovers here

Our comment: Make way for one of the big daddies of the suspension game! World-renowned German suspension experts KW have consistently blown away owners around the world with their exceptionally-priced Variant 3’s.

They may well be the most expensive option in our guide so far, but we can assure you that they’re worth every cent. Simply put, this kit is simply in a league above the coilovers that we’ve researched so far and will not leave you disappointed.

You might be thinking that these are a coilover made specifically for the track, but they’re actually a great all-rounder. Whether you’re daily driving, carving the canyons or throwing it down at the track, it’ll cover all your needs.

Manufacturer description:The Variant 3 is state-of-the-art technology for the skilled and experienced driver. The separate and independent compression and rebound damping options allow a truly individual driving set-up.

These unique systems with the 3 individually adjustable components, allows for adjustment of the compression of the damper in the low-speed range, while the high-speed set-up, so decisive for driving comfort, has been pre set by our engineers.

Megan Racing EZII Series RX8 Coilovers

megan racing rx8 coilovers

  • Manufacturer: Megan Racing
  • Levels of damping adjustment: 15
  • Construction type: Monotube
  • Spring rate front: 8kg/mm
  • Spring rate rear: 6kg/mm
  • Fitment: Mazda RX-8
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your Megan Racing EZII Series coilovers here

Our comment: We’ve generally found that Megan Racing have a bit of a negative reputation in the suspension industry. Some owners have happily run them for long periods, where others have had very little luck with them.

The build quality and finish is generally reflected in the price with these, and we’d personally recommend opting for some of the higher-regarded alternatives for the same price, or less.

Manufacturer description:Megan Racing EZII Series coilover system is aimed towards the more budget oriented enthusiast to offer the most basic essentials from an after-market coil-over setup, yet makes no compromises for quality and performance.

KSport Slide Kontrol RX8 Coilovers

ksport rx8 coilovers

  • Manufacturer: KSport
  • Levels of damping adjustment: 36
  • Construction type: Monotube
  • Spring rate front: 9.8kg/mm
  • Spring rate rear: 9kg/mm
  • Fitment: Mazda RX-8
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your K-Sport Slide Kontrol coilovers here

Our comment: KSport have gone out of their way to bring the only drift-orientated coilover setup to the RX-8, so it’d be rude not to feature them!

For those of you that are planning on kicking the back end out on your RX-8, these could well be a fantastic choice. You may require some additional suspension mods to get the most out of the car, but these will undoubtedly be a good start.

If you’re not looking for a drift-orientated coilover, but you’re keen to go down the KSport route, then make sure you check out their Kontrol Pro alternative too.

Manufacturer description:Ksport Slide Kontrol Drift coilover Systems provide the ultimate in suspension technology featuring 36 levels adjustable damping, inverted shock design on most applications, adjustable spring perch, adjustable body and Pillow-ball mounts.

The Ksport Slide Kontrol Drift coilover System has been designed to endure the extended abuse and extreme handling-load of drifting.

ISC Suspension N1 RX8 Coilovers

isc rx8 coilovers

  • Manufacturer: ISC Suspension
  • Levels of damping adjustment: 32
  • Construction type: Monotube
  • Spring rate front: Various
  • Spring rate rear: Various
  • Fitment: Mazda RX-8
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your ISC Suspension N1 coilovers here

Our comment: ISC are increasing in popularity in the coilover market, and are aiming to please customers by offering customized spring setups at no extra charge to suit your needs. With both Street Springs and Race/Track springs up for grabs, we’re sure you can also find a middle ground if you’re planning to do both occasionally.

They’re still not very commonly found in the RX-8 scene, but we’ve heard good things. They’re definitely worth considering if you’re on a budget. If you’re using the car for the track frequently, we’d advise spending a bit more money on a superior kit to maximize the true potential.

Manufacturer description:The N1 coilover can be lowered approximately 3 inches lower than standard ride height. This, along with a spring rate setup to suit your car, improves handling and stability dramatically. we make packages for track/rally/drag and of course street, to help our customers out even more we give them the option to pick their own custom spring rates at no extra charge.

Moton Club Sport RX8 Coilovers

moton rx8 coilovers

  • Manufacturer: Moton
  • Levels of damping adjustment: 15
  • Construction type: Monotube
  • Spring rate front: Springs not included
  • Spring rate rear: Springs not included
  • Fitment: Mazda RX-8
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your Moton Club Sport coilovers here

Our comment: Now that you’ve (hopefully) recovered from looking at Moton’s suspension porn and then your disappointment when you saw the price, we present one of the kings of suspension – Moton.

Now, these obviously aren’t your average daily driver setup, however, they are up there with the top elite when it comes to perfected track setups. If you’re serious about setting the best lap times, you are undoubtedly going to love this incredible option.

Manufacturer description:The 3-Way adjustable Moton damper features 15 positions of high speed bump, 6 positions low speed bump and 15 positions of rebound adjustment. The low speed bump adjuster is located on top of the high speed bump adjuster and can be adjusted in dependably.

The low speed bump adjuster is very effective in helping to control body roll while adding to turn in and is effective in controlling pitch and squat. The 3-Way adjustable Moton damper is using, like the double adjustable damper, a unique blow off valve system in the canister to totally control curb stones and bumpy track conditions.

Our winner

Our winner is the highly acclaimed KW Variant 3 (V3) coilovers.

Of course, the Moton’s are unquestionably the better setup, but they’re purely track-orientated and way over budget for most owners. With the V3’s, they offer a great all-around package which will ensure the best performance both on the road and the track.

KW Variant 3 (V3) Mazda RX-8 Coilovers

kw v3 rx8 coilovers

The V3’s have been tried and tested by countless delighted owners over the years. With exceptional performance combined with the German quality and engineering, they’re the perfect choice on the market and with their superior corrosion protection, they’ll undoubtedly remain perfect for many years to come.


It’s been an extremely close call to decide a runner-up in this guide, as you’ve probably noticed from so many 4* ratings, but we’re going to have to hand this one to the TEIN Flex Z. With fantastic value and their renowned Japanese quality, they’re a great choice for those of you on a budget.

Combine these coilovers with their unique EDFC system and you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way on the street or the track.


tein flex rx8 coilovers

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